Why Copywriting Is the Best Job Anywhere

Don't wanna read the whole article - just want the steak without the sizzle? Here are the 4 reasons first that copywriting is the best job anywhere.

1. Storytelling - Copywriting allows you to leverage your storytelling chops to influence people in a positive way and create impact in their lives.

2. Time and Location Freedom - copywriting lets you work whenever you want and from wherever you desire because the only things you need are a computer and an internet connection.

3. No business can succeed without copywriting. Regardless of size, budget, industry, or niche, all successful businesses need copywriting and this provides skilled copywriters with unlimited opportunity.  

4. The money is great. It just is. 'Nuff said. 

Now, for those of you with longer attention spans, you may continue reading.

2022 is a new year. 

2021 was a challenge. 

Many of you reading this are unsure of your jobs, or have already been laid off and are looking for a new opportunity.

I'd like to suggest that you consider copywriting, do some research on it, and see whether you agree with me that copywriting is the best job in the U.S.

So, here are the reasons why copywriting is the best job anywhere.

No.1: Storytelling

Copywriting often uses the oldest form of communication known to humankind - STORYTELLING.

Stories are powerful and we all like to hear good ones, stories teach us, move us emotionally, and inspire us.

And we all have our own stories, don't we?!

So, whether you head out on your own, or you're looking for a new and exciting career, consider copywriting.

As a copywriter, you get to tell your customer's inspiring stories and leverage your writing chops to influence and educate people.  

Having the ability to move people to take a desired action is an in-demand skill that you can be proud of, even if most people you know don't have any idea of what a copywriter does.

Imagine the satisfaction you get to experience being an influential storyteller and create a positive impact in the lives of your clients and their customers. 

No.2: Time and Location Freedom

Copywriting gives you the flexibility and freedom to work whenever you want to and from wherever you desire. 

I've freelanced for the past 8 years, and this has given my wife and I immense freedom. 

We've lived in Taiwan, China, and Germany, and now we're back in Canada. 

I've had the privilege to work in 15 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

And this is all possible because I've chosen to freelance.

And copywriting provides an added benefit.

You see, the only things you need to do your work are a computer and internet. 

Imagine working in a Starbucks right across the Moskva River from the Kremlin.

Or in Prague's Old Town in Czechia.

Copywriting allows you the time and location freedom to travel anywhere and still earn a great living.

And you can't beat that. 

So, the only question I have for you is, when and where do you want to work from?

No.3:No Business Can Succeed Without It.

Copywriting comes first!

Before anything else. 

Before you decide on branding, colours, design, hiring a sales team, content strategy, and marketing messaging you need copywriting.

Copywriting provides the solid foundation to set everything else on top of. 

No business can succeed without copywriting. 

And don't be fooled into believing, as some say, that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to replace flesh and blood copywriters. 

It's never going to happen. 

AI will never replace the empathy, engagement, and deep thinking that a human being can bring to the art of copywriting and storytelling. 

It ain't going to happen, baby!

Now, knowing that no business can succeed without copywriting, think of the literally millions of business segments and niches that need a skilled copywriter. 

There's no end to the prospects you can have on your plate when you become a copywriter. 

'Nuff said on that.

No.4:The Money Is Great.

Hey, I know you're not just in it for the money.

But we all gotta eat, right?

Copywriting pays extremely well. 

In fact, of all professional writers, copywriters make the most, by far. It's not even a contest.

And the reason the money is so nice is because copywriters spend a big chunk of their work time, 50 percent of more, understanding and researching the customer's product, ideal target market, how they think, act, speak, and the challenges and problems they're facing. 

That takes a significant amount of time, which you get paid handsomely for.   

It's not difficult for a skilled copywriter to earn $10,000/month or more once they have an established reputation for doing quality work. 

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