Successful people face the same challenges you do. We've all been affected by the pandemic in different ways and to varying degrees. We shouldn't ignore the fact or try to minimize it. At the same time, we want to look forward to what's ahead of us. 

To succeed, you and I mustn't let things we can't control dominate our thinking and actions. We can choose our thoughts, reactions, words. With that in mind, here are 10 things successful people know and do in challenging times.

1. Stop focusing on the past and the mistakes you've made.

The past is gone, and you can't do anything to change it. Start focusing on what you can do right at this moment to move forward, just one step at-a-time, towards your goals. Focus is everything, so master it. Successful people give their time and energy to the work that's going to get the results they want. You should do the same.

2. Continually remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing.

Why is your chosen path important to you and the world around you? Be genuine. When your work springs from a pool of pure intentions and motives, it will show. You'll be happy, proud, and satisfied.

3. Don't waste time thinking about what's missing in your life.

Instead, think about everything you have. Stay in the moment, move forward, create new habits. Smile, be grateful, say thanks, focus, and keep advancing. Successful people know the power of gratitude.

4. Expand your heart.

Do more to help and support others, and don't expect anything in return. At this moment in time, some people have lots of room in their hearts to do good, while others have only a little room to do good. Your actions today could be the very thing that helps someone else open up their heart.

5. Don't let things you can't control or change destroy your peace of mind or happiness. 

Get rid of drama, mind games, and time-wasters. Sitting around brooding over something you can't do anything about never results in anything good. Learn to let go. Calm down. Breathe. And if this is something you struggle with, know you're not alone because this is one of my biggest challenges.

6. Mental strength is vital, so stay on top of your self-talk. 

Do you want more blessings in your life? Then start acting like you're blessed because you are. Walk, talk, think, work, and share what you've got with others because you're blessed.

7. For you to grow, change must happen. 

When change comes your way, embrace it. Put your arms around it and hug it. Talk to it and tell it how much you love it. Patiently work your way through change. When you come out the other end, you'll be a better person.

8. When one door closes, another opens. 

If things don't work out the way you envisioned, don't stop. If you can't go straight ahead, find another route. You still have options. You can go around, over, under, or even backtrack a little to find the path you missed along the way. Whatever you do, never give up.

9. Ask for help. 

No one said you must struggle on your own. You'll never get what you don't ask for, so be humble enough to admit it when you need help and ask. Raise your hand right now and repeat, "I need help, please."
Go out and get help.

10. Six months or a year from now, what you thought you could never do, you'll have done. 

What you think you can't do without right now, you'll have moved on from, with no regrets. That's life. You'll change, I'll change, we'll all grow and move forward. Learn to develop patience, persistence, and resilience. You're a lot stronger than you realize. And you're a success.

Keep moving forward. And remember to stop to enjoy the progress you've made. Take time to slow down and enjoy all the little milestones you make along the way.

P.S. I'd love to hear how this post helped you. Please leave your comment below. And have a super day. 

About the Author Mike Allison

My life and work have been fulfilling and exciting. I have lived in the Caribbean, Taiwan, Mainland China, and Germany. While in China, my wife and I had a successful consulting and training company.As a certified business and sales coach, I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of sales managers and sales teams in more than 15 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Now that I am semi-retired I am focusing on helping individuals build their freelance business and succeed online.

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