Why You Should Start A Blog In 2023 – 16 Reasons

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Why should start a blog in 2021

You want to start a blog in 2023, but you've recently given up on that dream. 

With tears running down your cheeks, you recall when that dream seemed so realistic, you could taste it. Your heart was brimming with enthusiasm and hope as you thought about sharing your experience, knowledge, and expertise with the world.

Now that dream lies on the smouldering ash-heap of history, never again to be sparked into a blazing fire. 

Stop. It doesn't have to end like this. 

Here, in no particular order, are 16 reasons why you should start a blog in 2021.  

Blogging Improves Creativity

You're creative, and writing is a creative activity. You have ideas, opinions, experiences, and knowledge you want to express, and the world needs to have. So, share them by putting them into writing. You're a creator. Start a blog in 2023 and get creating.

Blogging Is Fun

You're free to express yourself. Look how much fun I had writing the opening to this blog post? Way over the top melodrama. I love it. Blogging is a fun way to share your knowledge with others through the written word.  

Blogging Is Cathartic

Writing is a great way to express and release your emotions. Holding everything inside isn't the healthiest way to deal with them. Blogging is a psychological pressure relief valve. It's good for your mental and emotional health.

Blogging Is An Effective Marketing Tool

Blogging helps you attract an audience of like-minded people who value your ideas, viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge. Blogging enhances your online presence.

Blogging Increases Your Reach 

Through the internet and social media, you can reach a global audience through your blog. What's not to like about that? Cool, eh? 

Blogging Helps You Build Authority

Once people start reading your ideas and insights, and if they enjoy your writing, they'll start following you. You'll quickly become the go-to person with your followers in your niche. 

Blogging Is Easy

It doesn't matter where you're living. You can start a blog and post daily, weekly, monthly, as often as you like. It's one of the easiest ways to reach a global audience and market yourself, your company, and your brand. 

Blogging Improves Your Writing Skills

Practice makes perfect, so the more you write, the more improvement you'll make. If you write every day, you'll quickly improve your skills as a writer. And a blog is one of the easiest ways to do that. 

Blogging Can Be Profitable

Once you've got an audience who likes, trusts, and respects you for your knowledge, experience, and insights, they'll start asking for your help. You can turn that into online courses, coaching programs, and books that your audience will happily buy from you because you're helping them solve their problems. 

Blogging Helps Others Improve Their Lives 

By sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise, you can help other people improve their lives. If you're blogging about health and fitness, you can help other people eat better, lose weight, and feel good about themselves. 

Blogging Gives You Freedom

Blogging allows you to write about your interests. You're the boss of your blog. Nobody is going to tell you what you can and can't write. You decide. When you see an article, news item, or opinion expressed that grabs your interest, you can write a blog post about it.

Go for it. Express yourself.

Blogging Gives You Speaking Opportunities

If you become well known as an expert in your niche, you might be invited to speak at events. Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger, has had this experience numerous times. Of course, you might not be interested in public speaking, but if you are, blogging can be one of the ways to land you on a stage. 

Blogging Might Land You A Book Deal

Your blog helps you build an engaged audience around a niche topic. You have a unique value proposition. And then a publisher might come looking for you, asking you to write a book. Jeff Goins and Larry Brooks have both had this experience.

Blogging Can Lead To Freelance Writing Gigs

When marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and companies get familiar with your writing, they might want your help with their content marketing. You might also land freelance writing gigs through your social media connections and network. 

Blogging Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Especially is this true on Linkedin, where recruiters and headhunters are always lurking to find the right candidates for their clients. Your blog is like a living, breathing, up-to-date CV. Get on it, eh?

You Can Blog From Anywhere

You only need two things to blog. 

1) An internet connection

2) A CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, or Wix. That's it. Regardless of where you're living, you can blog.

Start A Blog In 2023 - You'll Be Happy You Did

Don't give up on your dream of blogging. Make 2023 the year that you start a blog and have fun doing it. There are 16 good reasons for you to get started now. 

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