Staring out the window is a useful lesson in the status quo. Just sit and stare out the window for 30 minutes on any day of the week.

What do you see, and, more importantly, what do you learn?

My computer is sitting on my desk, and my desk sits beside a window. Staring out the window, I learn some essential truths about people and their lives.

People live, very comfortably, inside the status quo, inside of parameters that rarely change. We're going about our daily lives in the same routines that become so comfortable to us that we're often completely unprepared for change.

Until it happens.

And when the status quo suddenly changes, especially in a significant way, we can't believe it. We get angry because the status quo is no longer the status quo.

We deny the change as if that will somehow nullify it. And when we finally recognize that our long-loved status quo is gone and the new reality is very different from the way things were, we're confused.

We don't know where to turn, and we have trouble making decisions, and we try to go back into denial, and then we try to move forward, and we're just messes and all over the emotional map.

Things continually change. Our lives are always changing. We are constantly changing, too. 

When you stare out the window, what do you learn? Are you mentally prepared for change? How about emotionally? What do you do in order to avoid getting too comfortable with your current situation in life? 

Leave a comment below. Or don't. 

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