12 Reasons Small Businesses In Winnipeg Need A Blog

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small businesses in winnipeg

Small businesses in Winnipeg were hit hard during the pandemic.

If your Winnipeg local business is still suffering even after restrictions were lifted, then this is the blog post you should read and apply. 

In a previous post I wrote about how blogging helps your inbound marketing. In this post I am going to show you how small businesses in Winnipeg can benefit from blogging. 

Here's a summary of the 12 reasons small businesses in Winnipeg need a blog:

1. Blogging helps you reach a huge online audience.

2. Keeps small businesses in Winnipeg top of mind. 

3. Establishes you and your small Winnipeg business as experts and increases your authority.

4. Small businesses in Winnipeg strengthen communication with their customers and prospects by blogging. 

5. Blogging is the most affordable marketing method for small businesses in Winnipeg.

6. A blog increases the effectiveness of content marketing on social media for small businesses in Winnipeg.

7. A blog significantly improves your websites SEO (search engine optimization), and gets more eyeballs on your site. 

8. Blogging can increase website traffic to small businesses in Winnipeg by as much as 55% over Winnipeg local businesses that don't blog. 

9. Having a blog will increase your warm leads. 

10. Many people make their purchasing decisions after reading a blog post.

11. Blogging has a stronger influence than social media.

12. Evergreen blog posts can drive traffic to your website for years. 

1. Small businesses in Winnipeg that blog reach a huge online audience

Winnipeg shoppers are more informed now than ever before and this means that the competition between small businesses in Winnipeg is tougher than ever before. 

With Google, anyone living in Winnipeg who wants to buy from a small Winnipeg business can search for the service or product they need, read all about it online, and make a buying decision  then and there. 

Do you want your small Winnipeg business to be seen by thousands of people every month? 

Of course you do, and that's what a blog can do for your small Winnipeg business. 

Small businesses in Winnipeg that blog reach a huge online audience. 

Regardless of what your business does, makes, or sells, if you're a small business in Winnipeg and you don't have a blog yet, you need to jump on that. 

You need a blog to reach a larger online audience and to provide that audience with quality content.

small businesses in winnipeg

2. Small businesses in Winnipeg that blog stay top of their prospect's and customer's minds

When your small business has a blog that you keep updated with fresh content and business news, your target audience will see it online and YOUR business, not your competitor's, will stay top of mind with your prospects and customers. 

The first occasion when they need the service of products you provide, who are they going to call? 

You and your Winnipeg business. 

That's an important benefit of having a blog for your small business in Winnipeg.

3. Blogging increases the expertise and authority of small businesses in Winnipeg

Among all of the small businesses in Winnipeg within your niche, who's the local expert, authority, and trusted source? 

If you want to find out, simply do a Google search for the service or product you need and take a look at the results. 

Is your small Winnipeg business listed in the top 3 organic results?

Probably not, and interestingly, many other small businesses in Winnipeg don't have any organic search results. 

Why not?

Because they're not leveraging the incredible power of blogging. 

This is a great opportunity for you to jump on so you can establish yourself as the go-to expert and authority among small businesses in Winnipeg.

4. Small businesses that blog have better communication with their audience

Blogging on topics related to your small business in Winnipeg and providing helpful, practical advice to your readers is a powerful way of opening up two-way communication with your customers and prospects. 

Readers can leave comments on your posts, share their feedback, and show you how to improve your business.

Customer feedback is vital to small businesses in Winnipeg because, when taken on, you'll have loyal customers who recommend your business to other people living in Winnipeg.

Blogging opens up a direct communication channel with your prospects and customers.

Their feedback can help you improve your business and create loyal customers. 

small businesses winnipeg

5. Blogging is the most affordable marketing method for small businesses in Winnipeg

Earlier I mentioned that many small businesses in Winnipeg get very little organic traffic to their websites because they don't have a blog. 

Instead of leveraging the immense power of blogging, they pay for advertising, and that's often the only method many small businesses in Winnipeg are using to market themselves.

This is crazy, when you consider that they could have hundreds and thousands of website visitor every month for FREE just by blogging. 

Blogging is the most affordable marketing method if you have a small business in Winnipeg. 

6. Your small business will get better social media marketing results with a blog

I'm sure you'd like to boost your social media marketing, SEO efforts, and content marketing to make them stronger, right?

Then having a blog for your local business is a powerful way to grow your social media audience. 

One of the top three reasons social media users follow brands is because those brands provide them with interesting content.

Content from your blog can be repurposed for your social media channels and that will increase awareness of your brand and you'll get more organic traffic to your site without paying for ads. 

small businesses in winnipeg


7. Small Winnipeg businesses improve SEO by blogging

Strong SEO is vital to getting more eyeballs on your site and driving traffic to your Winnipeg business. 

High-quality content, like well-researched and practical blog posts are valuable, earn high rankings in search engines, and help small businesses to grow fast, which is an important post-pandemic benefit. 

8. Blogging increases organic website traffic for small businesses in Winnipeg 

The most successful small businesses, whether in Winnipeg or somewhere else, have a lot of organic website traffic. Blogging is often the most powerful way for these small businesses to drive that organic traffic to their sites. 

When small businesses in Winnipeg have quality blogs that answer the questions their audience are asking, and provide practical advice on how to solve a problem or achieve a goal, they have a lot more organic traffic and that drives more revenue.  

blogging is good for organic traffic for small businesses in winnipeg

Small businesses in Winnipeg that blog have greater organic website traffic than those that don't.

9. Having a blog gets more warm leads for small businesses

When you regularly post helpful and practical content on your blog, your target audience gets to know you, your services and products better. This warms them up to you and your business. 

As I mentioned earlier, this will help establish your expertise and authority and that will build trust with your audience. And it's a lot easier to transform a warm audience into paying customers than a cold one. 

10. More people will purchase your products and services from reading your blog

Your blog provides an opportunity to showcase how the products and services your Winnipeg local business solve the problems that your prospects and customers are facing right now. 

small businesses in winnipeg

When you create high-value blog posts that provide practical advice and solutions that your target audience can use now, you're laying the groundwork for more of the people in that audience to become your customers. 

11. Blogging is more powerful than social media

Blogging allows small businesses in Winnipeg to create a long-lasting relationship with your target audience. 

It drives traffic, warms up your leads, increases organic traffic for your blog and website, is a powerful SEO tool, and allows you to create evergreen content.

People tend to be fickle on social media, getting easily distracted and jumping from one social media trend to another.

But blogging is different.

When you create high-value blog content, your audience will return over and over to your blog and that's a powerful tool for building your brand reputation and transforming readers into loyal customers. 

12. One evergreen blog post can bring traffic to your local Winnipeg business for years to come

Imagine how your small business will benefit from a blog post that keeps on brining traffic to your site for years without you needing to do anything. 

That's the power of evergreen blog posts for helping small businesses in Winnipeg to get more people coming to their websites without spending a dime on advertising. 

That's a massive benefit for all Winnipeg local businesses. 

Summing Up 

If you own a small business in Winnipeg, you're leaving a lot of potential new customers out in the cold if you don't have a blog. 

Blogging is great for Winnipeg local businesses because it allows them to establish expertise and strengthen their authority with their target market. 

Now it's your turn. Please drop a comment below and let me know if your small business is currently leveraging blogging to drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.  

small businesses in winnipeg

If you're one of the small Winnipeg businesses that needs help getting your blog going, contact me, Mike Allison, directly at (204) 806-2977. I'll be happy to schedule time to talk with you about your blogging needs. 

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