Persuasive Copywriting: The Shrewdly-Clever Secret You Must Employ

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Persuasive copywriting is an art and a science. When you create content, what's your objective? What do you want your readers to do? Are they doing it?

If they're not, you need to employ the copywriting mastermind's shrewdly-clever secret. 


And I'm not trying to mess with your head. We both know that if we want someone to do something, we need to ask. Duh!

Yet, most web copy fails to do this clearly and explicitly. And that's a big problem because many bloggers and content creators are not getting the results they want from their content marketing efforts.

People Are Mighty Distracted; You're Fighting For Their Attention

Where are you right now, and what are you supposed to be doing? Many who read this post will do so while at work. They should be working, but they're distracted

It means I'm fighting for attention. How can I win this fight? By asking you clearly and explicitly to take action.

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See what I just did? I placed an unambiguous call to action at the beginning of this post. It tells you exactly what to do. Why did I put it so close to the beginning of the blog post? 

Because I know you, like me, are distracted by a lot of different stuff, and if I want you to act, I'm going to put my call to action close to the beginning of my blog post. That way, if you're suddenly distracted and leave before reading the entire post, my persuasive copywriting has given me a chance to move to action. 

Persuasive Copywriting Requires A Powerful Call To Action

You put a lot of time and energy into brainstorming great ideas for your content. And you put a lot of brainpower into coming up with attention-grabbing headlines and showing your audience the benefits of your products/services.

Please don't assume that your audience doesn't need anything else, because they do. Your readers need a powerful call to action. Tell them exactly what to do, how to do it, and to do it right away. Persuasive copywriting does that.

Be Highly Specific With Your Call To Action

Text me right now at: +1 204 806-2977. Include your name and let me know that you've read "How To Be A Copywriting Mastermind." And if you need help to be more persuasive with your content marketing, let me know. I'll text you back.

There I go again. That's now twice in this relatively short post that I've provided you with a clear, concise, persuasive call to action. 

If you're a relatively new copywriter, you might feel strange and awkward using this technique to ask your readers to take action. 

But put yourself in your reader's shoes. She's busy. And if she's thinking about the time and potential monetary cost and inconvenience of taking action, you being crystal clear about what she should do and why is helpful to her. She knows what to expect.

Your Readers Aren't Stupid; They're Busy.

You believe your writing is so clear that anyone reading your posts will automatically click on the "buy now" button or the "subscribe now" button. Right?

But it's not that simple. How did Jane Reader find your post? Maybe she was amused by your headline, clicked on the link, and then, instead of reading the entire post, skimmed over the subheads.  

Then she got called away to do something else. By the time she gets back to your post, she skims the subheads again and reads the first paragraph of one of the sections that seem interesting to her. 

But, because Jane has a hundred different things going on, you have to tell her to click here and why, or she won't do it.

A Clear Call To Action Is Not Insulting To Your Readers

Don't fear your readers will be insulted by an explicit and detailed call to action. They'll appreciate knowing what to do next. 

People are thinking about other things when they see your blog post, landing page, and homepage. They won't carefully study your content. They don't have time. So, make your calls to action simple, clear, and persuasive.

What action do you want your readers to take? Ask them to do it clearly and persuasively. You'll have a lot more success when you do.

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