Does Your On-Site SEO Suck? Who Cares!

Does Your On-Page SEO Suck? Who Cares!

You're Not Writing for Robots

Who are we writing for?

That’s a great question and one that all of the top bloggers and Internet gurus will tell you to think about before you start putting words on the page.

And I completely agree with that. But what I don’t agree with is wasting much time, if any time at all, worrying about my on-page SEO.

Who cares!

I’m not writing for robots and I assume that when you sit down to write you’re not writing for robots either.

Do You Really Want a Tribe?

How many times have you read or heard that you need to find your tribe, and once you’ve got your tribe and it’s growing you’re all set in the blogging world?

Well, if you really want a tribe, how are you going to structure your blog posts in order to attract the kinds of people that are going to relate to you and your view of the world?

How are you actually going to write?

Great question, and one that every single blogger and writer needs to think about, because if you don’t write the right way, you’re going to have a heck of a time trying to gather a tribe.

So here’s what I’d suggest you do when you sit down to write…

Just Talk To Me

Imagine that you and I are sitting in your living room, or in a coffee shop, or wherever, the location isn’t important, but we’re enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together and having a stimulating conversation.

Have you got that picture in your mind’s eye? Yeah? Great!

Now that you’ve got this clearly in your mind, that picture of you and I enjoying conversation together, start writing as if you’re actually conversing with me, or whoever’s sitting with you in your kitchen, or wherever.

Just talk to me, and as you talk you’re also writing or typing the actual words that your thoughts and mind are forming.

There’s no need to make them sound any “better” or more “special” or more “educated” than they already are because the way you’re speaking to me is just fine. It’s the real you, and that’s what’s most important.

Just talk to me like you would in any other normal situation, with the exception that you’re also writing what you’re saying.

I'm quite confident that if you start blogging like this, you’re going to very quickly attract the kinds of people to whom your thoughts, words, and worldview resonate with.

It's Okay To Answer Me​

And as you’re writing, here’s another thing you can try. You’ve asked a question, now what do you do?

You wait for me to answer and then, hopefully, you respond to my answer.

Look at the previous section under the heading “Just Talk To Me” and you’ll notice a place where I asked you a question, heard your reply, and then I responded to your reply.

Can you find that place in the text? It’s where I asked you: “Have you got that picture in your mind’s eye? Yeah? Great!”

You said yes, at least in the conversation we’re having here today you did, and I responded by saying “Great.” Isn’t that cool?

If you throw a few of these little things into your blog posts now and then, we're are all going to feel as if a real human being is conversing with us, we’re going to be a lot more engaged and if we share the same worldview as you do, we’re going to become your tribe members.

So, does your on-page SEO suck? Who cares! You're not writing for robots!

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For the next 7 days, write every day and write like you’re having a real conversation with me. Imagine that we’re sitting right across your kitchen table from each other, we’re enjoying an awesome cup of coffee or tea, and we’re engaged in a stimulating conversation with each other.

And remember, it’s okay to answer me back sometimes.

Have a super day!

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