NHL Department Of Player Safety Needs A Head Shake

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nhl deparment of player safety needs a head shake

The NHL's Department of Player Safety needs a shakeup, in my humble opinion. But is anyone listening? Probably not, because "thou shalt never criticize the Departmtent of Player Safety, the referees, or the people making some of the dumbest decisions inside the NHL's Situation Room."

"Chevy's on it, so I'm as confused as anybody. I gotta be careful what I say", said Jets head coach Rick Bowness after the game last night. He was referring to what happened with just 22 seconds left in the game between the Stars and Jets last night, when Jamie Benn almost took Hellebuyck's head off, never mind his helmet. 

Bowness also made this point: "Somebody's going to have to explain to me the difference between their goalie losing his goalie pad and a whistle, and our goalie being flat down with no mask on and no whistle. Somebody's got to explain that to me."

Nothing more needs to be said about that because Bowness is correct.  

What Does The NHL Department Of Player Safety Do? 

The Department of Player Safety watches every NHL game from a state-of-the-art video room at the League headquarters in New York City. The video room consists of 25 high-tech monitors that stream both the home and away broadcast of every game.

What Does Player Safety Mean? The NHL Department Of Player Safety Created?

“Safety” suggests being protected from harm or danger. 

Who knew?

If the true purpose for the NHL Department of Player Safety is about protecting players from harm or danger, you'd think that a goaltender's helmet being ripped off of his head and him lying prone on the ice would warrant a whistle and stoppage in play. 

But that wasn't a consideration last night. 

See the video below for the details.

Josh Morrisey Gets The Blame And The Goal Is Good

"After video review with the situation room, it has been determined that the actions of Winnipeg #44 caused the incidental contact with the goaltender, the call on the ice stands."

That was the announcement made by the referee from last night's game after the entire incident was video reviewed. 

By his own admission, Josh Morrisey did help push Jamie Benn into Connor Hellebuyck. 

But is that the real issue here? 

Even the colour commentator on Sportsnet said this while looking at the replay: "Jamie (Benn) trying to get behind the net and track down the puck, just basically went right straight through the skull of Connor Hellebuyck."


Let's read that again, shall we? 

"Basically went right straight through the skull of Connor Hellbuyck."

'Nuff said!

I'm not suggesting that Benn deliberately tried to go "right straight through the skull of Connor Hellebuyck.

But if Hellebuyck had suffered a serious injury last night, e.g. a puck in the head, a skate or stick in the face, would we be having a completely different conversation this morning?

The NHL Situation Room Definitely Has A Situation

Is it time for a shakeup of the NHL's Player Safety Department as well as who's making the decisions in the "situation room."  

Is this the first time that fans, commentators, coaches, players, and writers have questioned the motives and decisions of the people running things and making these kinds of decisions. 

What do you think? 

Drop your comments below, and please keep your comments clean and respectful, otherwise they won't be posted. 

Have a great weekend. 

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