If Your Landing Pages Don't Have These 8 Essential Elements They Won't Convert.

If Your Landing Pages Don’t Have These 8 Essential Elements They Won’t Convert.

You've just completed your lead magnet, a special report you prepared for visitors to your site. 

Your landing page is all done and ready to launch and you're feeling so satisfied about work you did on it. It's the first time you designed a landing page and you're feeling prouder than a new parent.

You press the publish button, fire up your Facebook Ad campaign, and sit back with a big smile on your face as you anticipate your email list growing like a bad weed. 

And, to your surprise....

No One's Opting In - What the Heck?

Oh man! What's going on? 4 days have gone by and you've only picked up 5 subscribers, and one of those unsubscribed as soon as she got her grubby little hands on your lead magnet. 

You put so much time and effort into the lead magnet and the landing page and now you're feeling clueless. Why aren't your site's visitors opting in? Is something wrong with your lead magnet? Maybe, or...

It could be that your landing page is giving off bad psychological vibes and is driving your visitors away without them even knowing why. 

Bad psychological vibes from a landing page? Absolutely, and here's what that means.

It's a Psych Game

Human beings, that's you and I, are emotional creatures and we all make decisions based on emotions. It's only after we've made a decision that we attempt to rationalise why we did.

That being the case, what's the purpose of a landing page? It's sole purpose is to trigger emotional responses in our visitors so that they'll take the action we want them to take, which in this case is to enter their name and email address in exchange for your lead magnet. 

And to trigger the emotional response in your visitor, your landing page must do the following things....so take your time reading through the list and ask yourself if your landing page contains these elements and if it doesn't, you should fix it fast!

1. It communicates what you do in 3 seconds.

You read that right! If a visitor to your site can't tell what you do within 3 seconds, in most cases they'll leave. And if they leave, they're likely gone forever. And communicating clearly what you do within 3 seconds relates to the next element, which is....

3 seconds to say what you do

Your landing page only has 3 seconds to tell your visitors what you do for them.

2. A strong headline that clearly communicates what you do and also grabs your visitor by the emotional throat, or other unmentionable body parts. 

Your headline needs to clearly communicate how you're going to help your visitor...but that's not all, because remember how people make decisions? Decisions are emotional! 

So your landing page needs an emotional headline that arouses curiosity in the visitor....and that clarifies what you do and why I need your product or service. Create a headline that does both, and you've got me hooked.

3. Shows your visitor the value to them.

WIIFM? (What's In It For Me?) is what your visitor wants to know. You're landing page copy must highlight the value - or the benefits - of your product or service to your potential customer. If they don't see the benefits for them, they won't hang around. 

What's in it for me?

    Clearly communicate the benefits to your visitor.

4. Persuasive copywriting.

This is not likely something you want to do on your own, at least not the first time you design a landing page. Unless you've been professionally trained, or you've been studying marketing and sales for some time, you're going to need help with the copy for your landing page. 

There are a lot of elements to good copy, including...

  • strong headlines
  • empathy
  • the big idea - think Nicorette: "Quitting Sucks," or Apple: "iPhone 5, the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone."
  • short and broken sentences...

You've got to get these right if your landing page is going to convert visitors into subscribers. ​

5. Clear scent.

You're likely thinking, "Mike, what the heck are you talking about! Scent?"

You ever clicked on an ad that took you to a landing page for something completely different than what the ad described? Think about how that made you feel...frustrated, confused...ripped off?

That's because the scent, the relevancy between the ad copy and the landing page was non-existent. You need to ensure there's consistency between what your ad copy says and what your visitor finds on your landing page.

If your scent is off, you're going to lose trust with potential customers and your brand's image will suffer.   

6. Tells people exactly what to do in your call to action.

Now this doesn't mean viewing your visitors like they're stupid. But if you want them to do something, then tell them exactly what they should do. Be very clear in your calls to action. 

Look at this call to action from my homepage. It's crystal clear about what my site visitors should do. 

a clear call to action

Tell your visitors exactly what they should do in your call to action.

7. No distractions on your landing page.

Burn this into your mind please. Your landing page shouldn't have any links to your homepage, blog, about page...any other page on your site.

None. What. So. Ever.

The sole purpose of the landing page is to persuade and close!

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Convince your visitor to leave a name and an email in exchange for your free lead magnet...or to get your visitor to buy what you're selling...and you're going to be as happy as clam.

Know your customers and listen to them.

8. Knows who your ideal customers are.

You've got to do sufficient research to be sure you know the types of people that are looking for your product or service and ready to download your lead magnet or make a purchase. 

No short cuts here. Be sure you take enough time to find out who your ideal customers are and what they need. 

Let's summarise, shall we?

Here are 8 elements necessary for a landing page that persuades and closes...

1. It communicates what you do in 3 seconds. 

2. Has a strong headline that grabs your visitor's emotions.

3. Tells your visitor how he or she will benefit from your service or product.

4. Persuasive copywriting.

5. Clear scent - relevance between advertising copy and landing page copy.

6. Call to action tells visitors exactly what to do.

7. No distractions on landing page.

8. Knows who your ideal customers are.

Now here's a question I get asked a lot. How do I design my landing pages? I don't know if you're wondering about that at this moment, but if you are here's my answer. 

I use the Thrive Themes Landing Pages for WordPress plugin. This is the only truly WYSIWYG plugin that I've found and you have over 150 different templates to choose from. 

Simply put, the Thrive Themes Landing Pages for WordPress plugin makes building great looking landing pages as easy as it can possibly be if you prefer not to hire a designer and you enjoy doing things yourself. ​

Feel free to take a look at the Thrive Themes Landing Pages for WordPress plugin video at this link: ​Landing Pages for WordPress

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