I want an enlarged heart. 

Not the kind of enlarged heart that indicates a serious medical condition

I want the kind of enlarged heart - symbolically - that athletes often get.

An athlete's heart is a set of structural and functional changes occurring in the hearts of individuals who engage in intense physical exercise for more than one hour per day. There are no symptoms, so a doctor must test for them. Treatment isn't necessary because it's not considered dangerous to health.  

The athlete's heart is a good sign. It indicates that your heart, a muscle like your biceps or triceps, is healthy, strong, and enlarged because you're regularly exercising intensely enough to make it bigger and stronger. 

I think we should symbolically aim to have enlarged hearts like athletes. How can we achieve this heart-healthy goal? 

Symbolically, the heart often refers to the seat of motivation inside a person. We'll even say things like, "that person has a lot of heart" or "she has a big heart." 

Those kinds of descriptions are symbolisms for a loving, kind, generous person who takes the initiative to do good things for others unselfishly.   

People like that exercise their symbolic hearts intensely and regularly. They give of themselves willingly and without expecting anything in return. And we're drawn to people like that, aren't we?

Shouldn't we all strive to be that kind of person?

Wouldn't it be nice if all of the people we encountered daily were like that? 

Remember, to get an athlete's heart symbolically, we've got to exercise, and exercise involves taking action. And the more times you take action to show love, express kindness, and act generously towards others, the bigger your heart gets. 

So, what are we going to do today to exercise our hearts?

What are you going to do right now, after reading this post, to take the initiative and do something loving, kind, and generous for someone else? 

What are we going to do right now to brighten someone's day? 

Exercise your heart every day - intensely. 

That's how to get an enlarged heart. 

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