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Getting Rid of Self-Limiting Beliefs and Developing a Winning Mindset To Succeed Online.

To succeed in any type of online business, getting rid of self-limiting beliefs is a must. Just click on the video above here to learn how to do just that. 

The first thing we need to do is  to define what a self limiting belief is.

A self-limiting belief is any belief you have that prevents you from doing something or saying something. 

​Now if the belief is false, it can actually prevent you from taking actions that could lead to your success. It prevents you from doing things that could help you to have a more fulfilling life.

And that's why getting rid of self-limiting beliefs is so important to your success.  

The factors contributing to self-limiting beliefs

There are five of them.

Number one is our environment. It could be the people around us. And you probably have family members, or friends, or even colleagues who are well-meaning, but they'll say things to you like..."forget about trying to succeed online; you're not cut out for that; you've already got a good job, just be happy that you've got a job, a lot of people don't have work, and just be content with that."

Now, that kind of negativity, if you listen to it enough, can actually start to affect what you believe, and eventually that environment will cause you to believe that those people are right, and that you shouldn't try to pursue online success; you may as well just be happy that you have a nine to five job, and be done with it.

The second thing that can contribute to self-limiting beliefs is our own experience.

So perhaps you've tried starting an online business in the past, or some sort of other business on your own, and it didn't work out. For whatever reason it failed, and so that experience can cause you to believe that you're not cut out for doing business on your own, you don't have, perhaps, the mind for doing business on your own, you don't have the right tempermant or attitude. And that belief can limit you.

The third thing that can cause you to have a self-limiting belief is faulty logic. Now, an example of faulty logic would be when we tell ourselves, "Oh! Over ninety percent of people who try to succeed online don't make it. They fail. Only five to ten percent of people who try to succeed online through a blog or a through selling online courses actually succeed.

​And so because we think the risk to reward ratio is too great, we decide "it's best not to try it. So many people have tried it and failed. I'm just going to take the safe road."

The fourth thing that can contribute to these self-limiting beliefs are excuses. ​And we often make excuses for ourselves, don't we. We say things like "I'd really like to start an online business, but I already have a full-time job; I'm so busy that I just don't have the time to put in to try to create something online and succeed with it." So excuses can be one of the things that holds us back.

And of course the fifth thing - this is very common - is fear.  

As humans, we're social creatures, and we really want to have the approval of other people, that's natural.

So fear, of perhaps being ridiculed, is something that can hold us back from taking the steps that we need to take to be successful.

So you might think, "Well, what if I start an online business; I've already received some negativity from my family, my friends, my colleagues, and I know they mean well, but if I try to do this and go ahead with it, and it doesn't work out, I'm going to be ridiculed by them.

And so fear of failure and fear of being ridiculed can also cause us to hold back.

So then, what's the secret to getting rid of self-limiting beliefs?

Well, we're going to go through six steps for getting rid of self-limiting beliefs that you can use right now!

getting rid of self-limiting beliefs

Getting rid of self-limiting beliefs is up to you!

​Getting rid of self-limiting beliefs

​Step number one is you need to isolate the belief. So, what is the self-limiting belief that's holding you back?

Now, once you've isolated it you need to dig even deeper. So, you've got an initial belief, but what is the belief that's underneath that belief? So keep digging down until you get to the core belief. That's the first thing.

So isolate the belief.

Secondly, you need to identify where that belief came from, where did you get it from.

So, was it something that someone told you? Did it come from your parents? Did it come from a teacher? Did it come from well-meaning friends or colleagues. Identify the source.

So, once you've isolated the belief and identified the source,

The third step is to recognise that the belief is not true. ​

Now let me give you an example.

Let's imagine that the core belief you've come down to is "I don't have the knowledge to succeed online."​

It could be that the source of that belief was experience, maybe you tried before, and it didn't work. And so you feel that you don't have enough experience to succeed online.

Now that you've isolated it and identified where the belief came from, and it could be that you've told yourself you just don't have the right amount of experience, you have to recognise that that belief is false.

It's false because you do have experience because you've already tried to do something online, so you've already gained some experience that you can then build on. You can use that experience as a learning tool and build on it.

So those are the first three things; isolate it, recognise where it came from, and recognise that it's false.

What's the fourth step?

The fourth step is to replace the self-limiting belief with an empowering belief.

So let's use the example, continue with it. So the isolated belief is that you don't have the experience to succeed online. The source of that is that you've tried and failed, so you believed that you lack experience. However, you recognise that this is a false belief, and you're going to replace it with the belief that, you already have some experience and you have the ability to gain all of the experience, to gain all of the knowledge to study and learn what you need to succeed online.

So "I can learn to be successful online, I can gain the experience I need to be successful online." That's an empowering belief. That's the fourth step. 

What's the fifth step?

The fifth step is to start "Acting as if."

What I mean by that is start acting as if you are already successful online.

So how do you do that?

Well, what do peopl​e who are already successful online have? They have a website, they have a domain name; so you need to start acting as if you're successful online; you need to choose a domain name, you need to buy that domain name, you need to set up a website or a blog, and then you need to start creating content for it. 

In other words, you need​ to start taking the actions that are going to create success for you; the actions that successful people are already taking on a regular basis, the actions that they took before, that got them to their goal. 

So as an example, I mentioned creating content. Another thing that you can do is get out and make a video, just like I'm making this video today. Do that! When you start "acting as if," it's going to start moving you towards your goal of being successful online. That's the fifth step. 

Number six is to create proof of success.

When we have proof of something it makes our belief in that thing much stronger. So how do you create proof of your success?

Well, let's imagine that your first goal in starting your online business is to build your email list. You want to have a list of email subscribers who you regularly send emails out to once-a-week, or several times a week to build a relationship with them.

Of course , when you first start out, how many email subscribers do you have? 

You have zero!

However, when you get your first email subscriber, you've already created success for yourself.

And if you've got one subscriber, you can get a second one. And if you've got two, you can get four. And if you've got four you can get eight. If you've got eight, you can get sixteen.

So, when you start creating this, and start seeing this proof of your success, there's no going back. You've already started down the road to success. And that's going to help you to stay inspired and motivated so that you continue on.

So let's review.

We've talked about self-limiting beliefs and that there are five factors that can contribute to them.

  1. Our environment.
  2. Our own experience.
  3. Faulty logic.
  4. Excuses.
  5. Fear.

​And then we talked about how to overcome those. 

  1. Isolate the belief.
  2. Identify the source of the belief.
  3. Recognise that the belief is not true.
  4. Replace the belief with an empowering belief.
  5. Start "acting is if" you're successful.
  6. Start creating proof of your success. ​

​If you do the things that I've just discussed in this short video, and you do them on a regular basis, you do them every single day, I guarantee that you will succeed online.

So, I want you to have a great day!

Right now, put into practice the things that I just have shared with you in this video, and please, by all means, share this video. Send it to your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, anyone that you think can benefit from it. Please give it a share.

Have a great day!​

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