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Freelancing is more popular than it's ever been before. More workers in the U.S. are now working solo according to Forbes. 

As a freelancer myself, I can appreciate why more people are willing to try freelance work. 

In "How And Why The Freelance Workforce Is Setting New Records," Edward Segal highlights the results of a survey by Upwork, revealing that "in 2022 nearly three-quarters of freelancers say that perceptions of freelancing as a career are becoming more positive" compared to 2021.

Freelancers report high levels of satisfaction with their work, and "not only do they feel more optimistic about their opportunities and earning potential, but freelancers also say that the perceptions of freelancing are more positive than ever before,” according to Margaret Lilani, VP of talent solutions at Upwork

She goes on to state: "“Businesses that want to remain competitive with the best talent should expand their talent strategies to include independent professionals.” 

I couldn't agree more with Lilani's comment. I've personally worked as a freelancer for over a decade and I would have a very difficult time going back to a "normal" working situation.

As a freelancer I get to choose who I am going to work with, for how long, and at what times of the year I want to work. 

Freelancing Has Its Challenges

Naturally, as with any career choice, there are challenges to be overcome when choosing freelance work over "regular" work. 

With the number of professional and skilled workers opting for freelance jobs and freelance work, there's a marked increase in competition.

More competition can increase the pressure and stress on freelancers, especially individuals who are brand new to the world of freelance work.  

In-Demand Freelance Skills

There's a marked increase in demand for web programmers, web designers, and social media marketing experts. 

Because of the increased need that companies have for keeping up with the fast-paced digital transformation taking place in the world of work, freelancers with these types of skills are going to continue to be in high demand. 

You can read the entire article here: "How And Why The Freelance Workforce Is Setting New Records,"

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