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Free Email Marketing Advice – 10 Great Tips

Free email marketing advice that you can take to the bank is free email marketing advice that you can trust. 

It's the month of June and in my blogging schedule it's the month that I spend on the subject of email list building.

And what could be better than providing as much free email marketing advice for you as I'm humanly capable of providing?

Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of an effective marketing campaign. If you're not using it as much as you should or could be, you need to get moving on that right away. 

And so, without further ado, here are... ​

Free email marketing advice - 10 great tips

  1. Speak to me and me alone. What are you doing referring to your subscribers? I've opened your email because I'm hoping you have something important to share with ME! I don't care about the other 9,999 people on your list. So start writing your emails as if you're talking to me and me alone.
  2. Don't waste my time. If you don't have something that's of real value to me then don't email me. Do you realise how many emails I get every day? So, I don't care if it seems important to you. If it's not of real value to me then I don't need to see it.  
  3. Be helpful. If the only time I get an email from you is when you want something from me, then I'm going to unsubscribe real fast! Be useful and generous and and friendly. That's how you'll gain my trust and start to develop rapport with me.
  4. Don't tell me you're never going to try to sell me anything, because you and I both know that's not true. The whole purpose of having an email list is to market yourself and your products and services. I don't mind that, but don't try to convince me to sign up by denying that's one of your goals.
  5. Your from address should use your real name. If you're for real and worthy of my trust, then don't hide behind a pseudonym. I want to know who I'm receiving an email from, so use your real name.
  6.  Don't be a weirdo. You're using my name way too many times in your email. That's weird. Sounds like you're using a script, e.g., like a telemarketing script. Please don't. And don't call me SIR, either. The false humility and false respect does nothing for me, because I can see right through it. 
  7. Understand who I am. Sincerely take the time to understand who I really am. What are my struggles, dreams, desires, goals, needs, wants, etc. And empathise with me and my situation. Don't try to sell me something if it's really not what I need. 
  8. My time, like yours, is valuable. So if you expect me to read your emails then it'd be wise to provide me with something of value for my time and effort. How about some free and useful advice, a compliment, or some inspiration?
  9. Segment your email list. I only want to receive emails from you that are relevant to me. So you need to segment your list into the proper groups and categories and then design custom email campaigns for each group. Now that's relevancy!
  10. Test to see on which days and times your emails get the highest open rates. Remember that the responses to your emails will vary based on your industry and your customers.


Writing great emails that receivers will feel compelled to open isn't rocket science. If you simply follow the 10 tips I've listed for your above, you'll get more opens and more actions taken.

What do you think? Please let me know what you've found to be effective when it comes to your email marketing. I look forward to learning from you. ​

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