Fail Early Fail Often To Succeed As A Content Marketer

fail early fail often

Fail early fail often is the best way to approach content marketing if you want to succeed. This is because the fastest way to learn anything and be successful at it is by doing it. 

And doing something new means you're going to make a lot of mistakes, and that's a good thing. 

Making mistakes is the foundation of this approach to learning and this is how you'll succeed as a content marketer

I know you're thinking that failing early and often seems to be counterintuitive, but research has shown that making mistakes is actually an important part of the learning process.

We learn from making mistakes and we’re more likely to remember the information or lessons we've gathered from mistakes.  

So, if you’re looking to learn something new, don’t be afraid of failure. In fact, embrace it.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of failing early and often as a content marketer.

We’ll also give you some tips on how to do it.

What is the “fail early fail often” approach?

The “fail early fail often” approach, also known as the “learn by doing” approach, treats making mistakes as normal, necessary, and desirable, as they're an important part of the learning process.

The concept is often attributed to Thomas Edison, who said, “I have not failed 10,000 times. I’ve successfully discovered 10,000 things that don’t work.”

The idea behind this approach is that if you try something new and fail at it, you’ll learn from that experience.

You’ll also be more likely to remember the information. In the long run, you’ll be better off for embracing failure and using it as a learning tool.  

fail early fail often

The benefits of failing early and often

Here are a few: 

- You learn new skills more quickly. When you’re trying something new, you’re likely to make mistakes. Failing early allows you to make those mistakes sooner. That way, you can learn from those errors and try something different the next time. Fail early!

- You’ll be more motivated to learn. When you’re making mistakes, you’re bound to feel frustrated at times. That’s normal.

If you keep at it and don’t give up, though, you will gradually feel more motivated to keep trying, a huge benefit of the making mistakes.

- You’ll be more creative. Creativity requires thinking outside the box. When you’re trying something new, there’s a good chance you’ll have to think of new ways to solve problems.

Failing early allows you to experiment with different solutions. Remember Thomas Edison. He didn't run away from the fail early fail often method. He embraced it.

- You’ll be more confident. If you try something new and succeed, you’ll gain confidence. If you try something new and fail, you’ll also gain confidence. The difference is that when you fail first and then succeed, you’ll be more confident because you achieved what you were after.

How to embrace failure

How can you embrace the fail early fail often approach?

First, accept that failure is inevitable. 

No one is perfect, and even the best people in the world at what they do make mistakes. Once you’ve accepted the fact that failure is inevitable, you’ll be more open to trying new things. You won’t be so afraid of making mistakes, and you’ll be more likely to succeed. 

Here are a few ways to embrace fail early fail often right now:

- Start small. If there’s something new you want to learn, don’t try taking on a big new project right away. Try to make a few mistakes in the beginning. As you get more comfortable, you can try something bigger. 

- Be open to new experiences. Sometimes, the best way to learn is by making mistakes in the real world. If you have the opportunity to do something new, take advantage of it. Open yourself up to new experiences. Be willing to fail along the way. 

- Don’t be too hard on yourself. Making mistakes is a normal part of life and success. The important thing is learning from your mistakes and to keep going. 

Tips to fail early fail often

 - Make mistakes a part of your process. Make a conscious effort to fail early fail often. Do this through experimenting with different things and trying new approaches. 

- When you’re starting a new project, give yourself permission to fail early fail often. It’s important to remember that failing doesn’t mean you're a loser. It just means you’re learning. 

- Don’t get too comfortable with your current routine. Look for opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Treat each day as an experiment.


There’s a lot to be learned from the fail early fail often approach.

While it might seem scary making mistakes is a good thing. You’ll learn more this way, and you’ll be more likely to succeed in the long run.

In order to fail early fail often you must be open to new experiences, be willing to experiment, and be open to making mistakes.

Before you start anything new, accept that failure is inevitable and embrace the fail early fail often approach as a content marketer.

Don't be hard on yourself when you do make a mistake.

If you want to learn something new, fail early fail often. You’ll learn more, be more confident in your abilities, and be more motivated to succeed.

I've written a post on the habits content marketers should develop. You can check it out here: 5 Habits Every Content Marketer Should Develop.

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