Should You Delegate Or Hire A Freelancer?

Delegate or Hire a Freelancer?

Delegate or hire a freelancer?

Robyn and Steven faced this question. 

Robyn runs a successful coaching practice, is a wife, mother, competitive runner, and a community volunteer.

She also writes articles, blog posts, and a weekly newsletter for her email subscribers and followers. 

Steven is an entrepreneur, working in the SaaS industry. He's a busy professional, husband, and dad. 

He has a personal website/blog, and writes content for his email subscribers and followers. 

Both Robyn and Steven felt overwhelmed and exhausted trying to get everything done. 

Content marketing was a crucial part of their businesses, but both of them were falling behind creating content.

Robyn couldn't keep up with her weekly newsletter anymore, and the quality of Steven's content dropped to a level he was unhappy with because he didn't have the time needed to devote to it.

But They Both Wanted To Engage Their Audiences With Content

Robyn and Steven didn't want their content marketing to suffer. 

Creating quality content was valuable to their audiences, and helped turn website visitors and email subscribers into customers. 

But there wasn't enough time to do everything well and be involved with their families and communities.

They needed a solution.

A Mutual Acquaintance Shares A Solution

Robyn and Steven had a mutual business acquaintance, Jeff, who hired a professional writer to create content for his website.

He recommended they explore this option.

By hiring a pro writer he saved 8 to 10 hours every week. He spent the extra time on his hobby of building and flying radio-controlled planes.

He had recommended his new writer friend to a couple of other professionals, and they gained a lot more time, too. 

Because of Jeff's enthusiasm, Robyn and Steven decided to contact the writer to see if she could help them out, too.

Rescued By A Freelance Writer 

Robyn liked the writer, although she wasn't ready to give all of her content creation to one person.  

They decided to create three blog posts each month on topics Robyn had scheduled. 

It gave Robyn a chance to experience working with a professional writer before making a bigger commitment. 

It was a good first step for Robyn. After three months, she decided to let the freelancer create all the content for her site. 

Steven liked the writer too. He hired her to write two blog posts each month. He delegated the rest of his content creation to one of his employees.

What Were The Results?

To summarize how they benefited, Robyn and Steven said:

Robyn: "Now that my content creation is taken care of, I've freed up between 30 and 40 hours each month. I spend that time with my husband and kids. 

I'm not stressed or overwhelmed thinking about all the content I need to pump out for my customers and followers. It's a game-changer for me and my coaching business."

Steven: "I used to spend 3 to 4 hours writing one blog post. I've gained 6 to 8 hours each month by hiring a freelance writer. I spend that time with my wife and daughters. It's been a worthwhile investment."

Delegate Or Hire A Freelancer - Focus On What's Most Important 

Robyn and Steven chose to hire a freelance writer to help them with their content creation. 

Robyn is a solopreneur, so she couldn't delegate her content creation. She tried working with a freelancer first. When she saw the benefits, she outsourced all her content creation to her writer.

Steven has a staff of ten, so he could delegate most of his content creation to an employee. The freelancer provides two blog posts each month and he saves 6 to 8 hours. 

Delegate or hire a freelancer? You have a choice, but whatever you decide to do, focus on what's most important. 

I wrote a post that you'll find help on Why Hiring A Freelance Writer Is Worth The Money.  

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