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Tune Out to Tune In and Get Creative

Your brain is fried and it needs a break!That’s right, because even though you believe you’re a creative and a creator, you’re not nearly as creative as you think you are or could be. Know why? Because you’re not giving that 3 pounds of grey matter between your ears any down time, or certainly not enough down […]

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The Incredible Rewards of Being a Coach

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a coach as well as the rewards I’ve received through coaching others. The idea of being a coach sounds intimidating to a lot of people, probably because most people have been led to believe that to be a coach requires some special training.This […]

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5 of the Best Content Marketing and List Building Articles for This Week.

Here are 5 of the best content marketing and list building articles for this week starting September 19th, 2016.#1: Does Your Homepage Suck?This is actually not an article, but a podcast on the Rainmaker.FM station. Rainmaker.FM is one of the Brian Clark entities, which includes Copyblogger, Rainmaker, Studio Press, and who knows what else….but these guys put […]

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