Blogger Burnout Is Real And 11 Strategies To Avoid It While Blogging

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blogger burnout is real

Blogger burnout is real and it's not something to dismiss or take lightly. How do you know if you're suffering from it? 

Are you at a loss for words when you attempt to write or update your blog? Has blogging become an energy drain and are your creative juices drying up? Are you finding yourself staring at a blank screen and struggling to write a post, any kind of post? 

If so, you're likely suffering from blogger burnout, and if you are, writing blog posts is going to be a major challenge to overcome.

Burnout has become more and more common in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse. It has been estimated that as many as 52% of workers suffer from burnout, and this number is likely higher for bloggers due to the long hours they often work to crank out enough blog posts. 

Blogging burnout can affect anyone, so it is important for bloggers to be aware of the symptoms and develop strategies to avoid blogger burnout in the first place. Without taking action, burnout can lead to a shortened blogging career. However, by recognizing and addressing the problem, bloggers can ensure their blogging career lasts.

What Is Burnout?

The definition of burnout is a condition characterized by chronic stress that is difficult to manage. According to the World Health Organization, there are three primary signs of burnout: 

  • decreased productivity. 
  • persistent fatigue. 
  • lack of enthusiasm for one's work.

These symptoms can lead to questioning one's career choice, doubting how you are using your time, and a general lack of motivation.

What Causes Burnout?

Burnout from blogging can be caused by a variety of factors, such as

  • feeling overwhelmed by the many tasks related to blogging.

  • dissatisfaction with the results versus initial expectations. 

  • running out of fresh ideas for posts. 

  • losing interest in their original blogging niche. 

  • general disenchantment with blogging.

Other causes include:

  • feeling exhausted from juggling a full-time job, blogging, and other business activities.

  • a shift in priorities from helping people to focusing on views and revenue.

  • difficulty disconnecting from social media, the internet, and other blogging activities. 

How Can You Avoid Blogger Burnout?

You can avoid burnout by learning how to work better on your blog right from the start. If you are feeling stuck, uninspired, and simply exhausted thinking about writing more blog posts, you are not alone. Many bloggers have been in the same situation and have developed techniques and tools for avoiding burnout and getting back into the groove.

Following are a few of the successful strategies and tips that bloggers have used to stay motivated and productive for writing blog posts and turning their blog into a money-making business:

Strategy No. 1: Take A Break From Blogging Burnout

take a break to avoid blogger burnout

When the workload is piling up and deadlines are looming, it's common to feel panicked and make rash decisions. But bloggers who push themselves when already physically, mentally, and emotionally drained only make things worse. 

Their work suffers as they end up writing blog posts of lower quality than they would like. So, the best thing to do is to take a break, even if it's just for a day, a week, or a few months. Don't do any blog-related activities, including checking comments, emails, reader stats, and reposting content. 

You also need time to take a break from social media, especially pages linked to your blog. Taking time off can give you new ideas and insights, as well as recharge your batteries.

Strategy No. 2: Take Time Off To Have Fun

With hectic schedules taking over our lives, activities such as spending time with friends and family, Face-timing your spouse, playing games, watching TV, listening to music, or reading a book are often labeled as unproductive or a complete waste of time.

However, your mind need some structured distraction from time to time. Blog posts don't appear out of thin air, as every blogger knows. Successful bloggers know how much time is taken up each day coming up with topics, writing content, performing website maintenance, deciding on the right media, and connecting with readers.

avoid blogger burnout by having some fun

Although you may have a passion for blogging, it can become overwhelming and dull if you don't give yourself time to relax. To prevent burnout, be intentional about carving out R&R time when creating your work schedule.

One of the best tips I can give you is to set aside one hour to chat with friends and family, half an hour for social media, an hour for TV/YouTube, and so on. Even having half-a-day at a spa can be a great way to de-stress - just make sure to set aside time for it!

Strategy No. 3: Remember The Purpose of Your Blog

Do you feel like you've forgotten the purpose for starting your blog?

What was it that inspired you to  begin blogging?

You may have started your blog to fulfill a dream, personal goal, or because you want an online business, and now every blog post you need to create feels like a depressing piece of work that you must get done.

Is that how you're feeling?

If so, you're not alone. It may be due to: 

  • taking on additional roles and responsibilities that were not part of your original plan.
  • altering your direction to try and reach goals that have yet to be achieved.
  • not properly defining your target audience/niche or brand.
  • taking advice from those who don't understand your overall vision. 
remember the purpose of your blog

This can make blogging feel unnatural, even if it was once a passion of yours. To avoid burnout, it's important to take a step back and assess.

Reflect on why you were drawn to the field of blogging and ask yourself if your current trajectory is meeting the needs of your target audience. Consider what your end goal was when starting out, and whether or not your path is leading you there.

Have you already achieved your targets? If so, what new goals can you set based on your skills and experience?

Regaining sight of your purpose for blogging is essential in order to prevent feeling overwhelmed by associated tasks. An honest evaluation of your current position can help reignite your passion for blogging.

Strategy No. 4: Start Outsourcing Some of Your Blogging Tasks

If you're bootstrapping your blog, taking charge of all the components of blogging can be gratifying. Writing your own blog posts, designing your own graphics, and even organizing your own social media posts can be rewarding. If you are having success as a one-person show, you may be content to keep doing things this way for a while.

Operating as a solo blogger can be tiring and the amount of work may eventually become too much, resulting in burnout. To combat this, it is worth considering outsourcing some of the tasks related to your blog. Many platforms provide the option to hire freelance writers, graphic designers, social media managers, admin assistants, and more, making it easy to delegate work.

Outsourcing can be an expensive option for a blogger who isn't yet making a large profit. Also, some freelancers may be driven by money and not take your blog as seriously as you do. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed and can fit in a freelancer to help out, it could be beneficial in the future. Make sure to take the time to find the best candidate who will help you succeed while taking the pressure off you.

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Strategy No. 5: Make Your Blog Post Schedule Manageable and Realistic

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your blogging workload, creating a schedule is a great way to stay organized. However, if you already have a schedule and still find yourself nearing burnout, it may be time to switch things up.

weekly planning for blog post creation

For instance, if you have a weekly blogging schedule, consider creating a monthly one instead. This allows you to plan further ahead and gives you more time to think about upcoming tasks so you don't have to rush to get things done at the last minute.

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your schedule, you may want to consider planning ahead more or stretching out the time for certain tasks. For instance, if you are trying to post one blog each day and it is too much, try aiming for two or three per week. This will provide you with more time to work on each post. Likewise, if you are facing difficulty in producing three Instagram posts a day, reduce the number to one or two.

Strategy No. 6: Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Creating new content can be a challenge. Not only do bloggers have to come up with blog post ideas, but they also have to generate content for social media, upload videos to YouTube, and host podcasts. While content can be repurposed for different platforms, it's still difficult to consistently produce fresh, relevant material.

To lighten the load, consider collaborating with other content creators in your field. This could include getting featured on podcasts, guest posting with fellow bloggers, or working together on a marketing project or promotion. Not only can these partnerships alleviate your workload, but they can also help you reach a larger audience and achieve blogging success.

Strategy No. 7: Post About A Different Topic

A common mistakes bloggers make is sticking too closely to their main blog topic. While it is important to consistently provide solutions to your readers, it can be exhausting to only ever write about one thing. To break up the monotony, consider writing posts on a variety of topics that don't necessarily relate to your main blog topic. 

For instance, you could:

  • share stories from your own life. 
  • write about a cause that is important to you. 
  • review the new MacBook. 
  • create a guide on how to prepare for winter/summer. 
  • discuss the things you do for leisure as a blogger.

These kinds of stories can help your readers connect with you on a deeper level, as they can now see you not only as a pet blogger (for example), but also as a human with relatable events going on in your life.

Strategy No. 8: Create Content In A Variety of Formats

Creating content for your blog does not have to be restricted to text-based posts. As routine can lead to boredom and eventual burnout, it is important to diversify your content. Videos, infographics, PowerPoint slides, and audio recordings are all great ways to mix it up. 

Additionally, launching a forum can be a great idea, as it will give you the opportunity to produce user-generated content and lessen the need to write constantly. Podcasts are also a great outlet for bloggers, and offer the chance to use other strengths. 

Even if you are not sure how to create these types of content, there is always collaboration as an alternative.

Strategy No. 9: Just Say No!

As you go through your day-to-day, you will be constantly bombarded with requests from family, friends, and colleagues. It can be difficult to say no, especially when it feels like you're missing out or you don't want to let someone down. Unfortunately, if you keep saying yes to every demand placed on you, you’ll soon find yourself feeling overwhelmed and burned out. That's why it is essential that you practice saying no more often. This doesn't mean that you don't care - it means you value your mental health and those who truly care about you will understand.

Strategy No. 10: Blogger Health Needs To Be Cared For

Burnout can be caused by a variety of factors, including weakened physical health and poor mental health. When you are blogging, if you are not in good shape, your body may not be able to handle the demands of the job. This can lead to exhaustion, reduced cognitive abilities, and a lack of energy.

Furthermore, if you suffer from an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension, burnout may become even more severe. Mental health is also a major factor in burnout, as depression and anxiety can cause you to be overwhelmed by tasks.

Moreover, if you are constantly surrounded by people who do not support your life goals, you may not be able to take care of yourself. To combat burnout, it is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Make sure you get enough rest, eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, and avoid negative people and situations.

Additionally, consulting with a therapist or seeking advice from someone who understands your situation can be extremely helpful. Finally, incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily life is also a great way to give yourself the self-care you need.

Strategy No. 11: Patience Is A Virtue

If you're motivated to start a blog for financial gain, be aware that it may take months or even years to start earning money from your blog. Even if money isn't your primary motivator, it can be challenging to build an audience or gain recognition in the industry. Blogging is a process that requires a lot of patience to deal with the delays and disappointments that may arise. However, with patience and perseverance, it is possible to see positive results.


Blogger burnout is real and if you're not careful it could negatively affect you and your blogging business.  It's vital to recognize the signs and take action to prevent it from getting worse. Using the eleven strategies outlined above can help you manage and overcome burnout, and get back on track with your blogging journey. Prevention is key, but if it happens, don't be afraid to seek help and take action.

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