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To create blog posts people love reading you might need to change the format of your posts. 

Take a look at this stat from Buffer. (source)

55% Of People Read A Blog Post For 15 Seconds Or Less!


That's a scary stat. 

Which means you have three choices:

  • Quit blogging. 
  • Ignore the stats and keep punching out content with the same format. 
  • Do something your competitors aren't so you create blog posts people love reading.

People Are Easily Distracted!

There's too much technology competing for their attention. 

What's the fix?

Should you quit or ignore the stats? 


If you want more people to read your posts

You Must Do Something Your Competitors Aren't!

Have you noticed the format of this blog post? 

"This is super easy on my eyes and brain." 


It's because of short, punchy sentences, and short paragraphs, and lots of white space. 

That's a radically different format than most bloggers use. 

But facts are facts.

Creating Blog Posts People Love Reading Is Easier Than You Think!

Most people skim the page before deciding whether to read the whole thing or not!

You and I both know that's true because we do the same thing, don't we!? 

We skim the page first, and if our interest is piqued and it's easy on the eyes and brain, we decide to read the whole thing. 

Funny how that works, eh? (I'm Canadian, and we like to add "eh?" at the end of sentences).

Use Subheadings To Draw Your Audience Into Your Topic!

You can learn how to create blog posts people love reading just by reading the sub-heads in this post.

The sub-heads alone have taught you

  • Most people read blog posts for 15 seconds or less because,
  • People are easily distracted, so
  • Do something your competitors aren't, but
  • That's easier than you think, by
  • Using subheadings to draw your audience into your topic. 

That's five sub-heads that highlight five key learnings from this post. 

So, if you only skim this post, you're still going to go away with valuable information.

And that's my objective because I want you to benefit.

This Post Is All About YOU!

I wrote this post with YOU in mind!

My objective here is to help you change the formatting of your blog posts so your audience will love reading them. 

That's it, plain and simple. 

What do you think? Can you do that? 

I know you can!

I also know this will help you create blog posts people love reading 

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