Get Tons Of Blog Post Ideas Using The Lotus Blossom Method

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more blog ideas with lotus blossom method

Coming up with blog post ideas is one of the biggest challenges bloggers face, and no blogger I know wants to run out of things to write about.

Your readers want the latest industry news and need to know what's trending in their area of expertise. They also want and need to be informed about new products and services that have hit the market.

When you can’t think of any new blog post ideas, where do you turn?


You use the Lotus Blossom Method to get tons of blog post ideas. In fact, using the Lotus Blossom Method you'll have blog post ideas coming out of your ears. 

More blog post ideas using the Lotus Blossom Method

The Lotus Blossom method was developed in Japan by Yasuo Matsumura. Here's how it works:

1. Write your core word, idea, or problem in the centre of your first blossom. Write related words/phrases, ideas, or solutions in the surrounding squares (petals) of your lotus blossom. Do not elaborate during this step. Simply write down 8 words/phrases, ideas, or solutions that come to mind.

2. Once you have 8, you're going to take each one and use it as the centre of its own lotus blossom, as in the diagram below. And then repeat the same process you used in the first lotus blossom by coming up with 8 more related words/phrases, ideas, or solutions.

You'll end up with 72 possible blog post ideas you can write about. 

REMEMBER: to get the best results from this exercise, answer: what are the problems your readers are struggling with and what goals do they want to achieve personally and professionally?

blog post ideas using lotus blossom technique

But, there's more!

After you've got 72 or more blog ideas, you can use the Content MultiplierTechnique to flesh out blog post ideas

The Content Multiplier Technique

You're going to use the content multiplier as a filter to pass your 72 blog post ideas through and come up with a ton of blog post ideas to write about. 

The Content Multiplier Technique filters your ideas through a set of six content categories. 

1. Actionable Content

This is content that explains the 'How to...' 'Way to...' 'Mistakes not make...' blog posts. An example of actionable content is this post, "Blogging Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague."

I could also write posts like:

  • How to Write Blog Posts In One Hour
  • How To Write Blog Posts People Love
  • Do This For An Unending Supply Of Blog Post Ideas

2. List Content

This content is made up of, you guessed it, lists! Like this:

  • The 10 Top Fitness Bloggers In Canada
  • The 5 Best Content Management Systems for Your Blog

3. Original Content

This is content that is based on your very own research and results, such as:

  • Here's How I Grew My Blog From Zero To 5,000 Readers A Month
  • How I Wrote And Published 100 Blog Posts In 3 Months
  • The Only Method I Use To Get A Never Ending List Of Blog Post Ideas

4. Analysis Content

Content based on your analysis, conclusions, and commentary on someone else's content, product, or services, for instance:

  • 5 Blogs You Need To Follow To Grow Your Online Business Fast
  • 10 Bloggers Who Go Excel At Teaching Their Audiences

5. Story Content

Tell a story on a specific topic; interview someone and then tell their story, as an example:

  • How Joe Blew Up His Blog To One Million Page Views In One Year
  • How Jenny Creates Blog Post Ideas Out Of Thin Air

6. Rant Content

This is where you write a post to get something that really bugs you off your chest, like this:

  • Why Building An Email List Is The Worst Thing To Do If You Want To Earn Passive Income!
  • Why You Should Stop Creating Your Own Digital Information Products And Do This Instead. 

Get Tons of Blog Post Ideas Using The Lotus Blossom Method and The Content Multiplier Technique

Blogging is an awesome way to attract and grow an audience and earn passive income, and I mean real passive income.

When you blog consistently, you open yourself up to a wide range of opportunities. You can use your blog as a platform to earn money through advertising, work with brands, and promote your business.

But, running out of blog post ideas and suffering from mental constipation is a real pain.

Fortunately, now that you know about the Lotus Blossom Method and the Content Multiplier Technique, you'll never run out of blog post ideas again.


Get to work using these two methods right now and see how many blog post ideas you're able to come up with. 

And then, get writing. 

get more blog post ideas with mike allison

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