20 Best Sales and Needs Analysis Questions To Use In Sales Meetings

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20 Best Sales Questions To Determine Your Prospect's Needs YouTube Video

20 Best Sales Questions To Determine Your Customer's Needs (If you prefer reading)

Asking great questions in  your sales calls with prospects is an important way to provide value. 

Following are a few of the most critical questions you should ask your prospects. 

1. "Do we need to include any other decision-makers in our conversation?" This is, perhaps, the most important question to get started.

REMEMBER: Never conduct a sales meeting if any of the decision-makers are absent. Doing so is a complete waste of time for both you and your prospects. 

2. "If timeline or budget were  not constraints, what would your ideal solution look like?"

3. "Why is this a priority for you now?"

4. "Are you currently using another solution? If so, why are you considering a change?"

5. "What challenges have you experienced in the past year related to [product-related goal]?"

Needs Analysis Questions.

6. "What do you and your team need to accomplish in the next year?"

7. "From your perspective, what do you perceive your needs to be?"

8. "What resources do you have, and which could you use more of?"

9. "What do you like best about your current solution?"

Needs Analysis Questions About Weaknesses

Don't ask your prospect what their greatest weakness is at the beginning of your conversation, instead start by asking about their greatest strength.

10. "What do you perceive as your team's greatest strength?"

Then you can ask about their weaknesses. Knowing their weaknesses will help your understand what the team could be doing better and how your product or service might help them improve and maximize their performance.

11. "If you could change one thing about your organization, what would it be?"

This question keeps your prospect conversing and gives you a big picture perspective of their organization and challenges, and it also plants the idea of change in your prospect's mind, which is something important to do as you're trying to get your prospect to change from one vendor to you, from another product to your product, from another solution to your solution. Change is good!

12. "Do you struggle with [a common pain point]?"

This question puts a name to a pain point, which is something your prospect might not have been aware of until you mention it.

Needs Analysis Questions About Their Buying Process

13. How does your company evaluate the potential of new products or services?"

If you want to sell your product you need to know how your customer evaluates a product prior to purchasing it. 

14. "Which vendor are you working with now, and what convinced you to go with them?"

If your prospect is using another solution you need to know what and whose it is, so you can understand how they decided to go with that vendor.You can use this information to highlight the value and benefits of your product over your competitor's.

15. "What has moved you to consider a change?"

This question plants the idea of change in their mind, again.

16. "What are your buying criteria and success criteria?"

17. "What level of service are you looking for?"

You need to know the answer to this question to determine how extensive their onboarding needs will be. 

18. "What might cause you to change suppliers?"

This question helps you know what they feel they're missing with their current supplier, and also plants the idea of change in their mind again. 

19. "Which product benefits would lead to a purchasing decision?"

20. On average, how long does it take for your team to purchase a product?" 

Take advantage of this question to find out how long you could potentially be in conversation with this prospect. If you know the answer to that question you might be able to help them make a decision faster than usual.

Great sales questions enable you to tailor your messaging to your prospect's goals and show them the benefits your solution will bring them. By asking the right questions, you can:

  • further qualify your prospects. 
  • close more deals.
  • increase revenue at your company.

Thanks for dropping by. If you need help to improve your selling skills, feel free to contact me by email at: mikeallisoncoaching@gmail.com or SMS: +1 (204) 806-2977. 

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