The Best Content Marketing and List Building Articles for Sept. 26th – Oct. 2 2016 - Content Igniters

The Best Content Marketing and List Building Articles for Sept. 26th – Oct. 2 2016

Roundup of the Best Content Marketing and List Building Articles for Sept. 26 - Oct. 2nd - 2016 

I've had a busy but really fun week. If you aren't aware of it yet, earlier this week I made a commitment to myself and to everyone who follows me that I'm going to write a minimum of 500 words each and every day for 365 days in a row. 

Check out the video where I make the commitment!

Most of that writing is going to end up on Content Igniters for your benefit and so without further ado, following are the 6 posts I prepared for you this week.

If you missed any of them, you've got all of them here in one shot. Enjoy!

#1: You many not be aware of the fact that I'm a CMOE Eight-Step Certified Professional Coach and have been for a number of years now. In The Incredible Rewards of Being a Coach I share what I love most about coaching.

#2: Want to perform at a creative peak? Then you've got to Tune Out to Tune In and Get Creative. You're brain needs a break from the busyness of working at the daily tasks you've got to get done. 

#3: A lot of content marketers preach about the need to write with SEO in mind. I disagree and in this post, Does Your On-page SEO Suck? Who Cares! I explain why you shouldn't be losing sleep over SEO when you're blogging and writing. 

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#4: In A Goal, A Coffee Mug, And Reality, I tell the true story of how I maintained complete focus on the goal of moving to Taiwan. It was a very simple but super effective technique that you can use too. 

#5: Landing pages are one key to building your audience and list of loyal email subscribers. But If Your Landing Pages Don't Have These 8 Essential Elements They Won't Work, so be sure to get them right.

#6: Homer Simpson would approve of The Lazy Content Marketers Way To Provide a Steady Flow of Great Content. This post provides a 6-step strategy you can use to curate great content and share it with your tribe. 

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