Become A Great Writer With These 3 Daily Habits

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Have you given up on your dreams of becoming a great writer? Maybe you think your writing isn't good enough? 

Perhaps the problem is that for you becoming a great writer is ONLY a dream. If that's your situation, this will help you transform your dreams into reality.

The Power of Habits

Your habits create your reality. They define who you are and what your life becomes. If you develop healthy habits, you become a healthy person. If you develop harmful habits, you suffer. 

You and I can't escape this fact: "we reap what we sow."

You can't plant carrots and expect to harvest potatoes. It's never happened. What you sow now is what you'll reap later. 

You can't expect to become a great writer if you don't have good writing habits.

Become a Great Writer With These 3 Daily Habits

Habit #1: Write in the same place daily. 

Create a comfortable space where you can write distraction-free. Comfortable doesn't mean lying on the sofa or in your bed. 

Comfortable means a place where you can focus just on writing. Some writers claim to work better in a coffee shop because they say they need some noise and activity around them to write well. 

I prefer to write in my home office instead of in a noisy environment. But I can't make that choice for you. All I can suggest is that you have a place where you regularly write.

Get a chair that is comfortable but still allows for a good posture. You'll think and write better if you're sitting comfortably upright. 

If you don't have a writing space yet, this is the first thing you should create. Do it right now.

Habit #2: Try writing in a fasted state.

I've already written about the benefits of intermittent fasting for writers

Despite what you've heard, breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day, unless you have a health problem that causes seriously low blood sugar in the morning. In that case, you clearly should eat something to keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy level. 

But, if you're a healthy writer, I recommend that you do your writing on an empty stomach. This is because you're going to find that your mind is much clearer when you're in a fasted state. 

I'm not going to go into all of the science behind why this is the case, but numerous studies have shown that fasting increases mental clarity and brainpower. 

Conversely, trying to write on a full stomach is going to affect your mental acuity as your body needs the energy to digest whatever you've eaten. The more energy that's needed for digestion equals less energy available for your brain. 

It's a no-brainer. And yes, the pun is intentional. 

Now, I did suggest you "try" writing in a fasted state. This is because if you're not doing this yet, I know you're going to have some reservations, as you've always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

That might be true if you're working in a field all day, or on a construction site doing back-breaking labor. 

But you're writing. You're sitting at a desk and your body doesn't need energy. Your brain does. So let your brain work better by not putting a bunch of calories you don't need into your stomach and forcing your stomach to highjack the energy your brain needs. Got it? 

Try it and give yourself a week to get used to it. You'll thank me later.

Habit #3: Write at least 500 words every day, in the same place and at the same time.

This isn't rocket science. John Grisham says DO write a page every day at the same place and time. This is his advice for writing fiction. 

But to become a great writer you must write every day. Similar to John Grisham, I recommend you write at least 500 words every day, which is a good start if you haven't been writing daily. I guarantee that if you do this for the next week, you'll find it much easier and within a month, it'll be a habit. 

Stop dreaming. If you want to become a great writer you need good writing habits, and these are 3 great habits that will soon have you writing better. 

What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start today. 

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