Attention Grabbing Headlines For Freelance Bloggers

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attention grabbing headline examples

If you're a freelance blogger you must master the art and skill of writing attention-grabbing headlines to succeed with your blog. 

What are attention grabbing headlines?

An attention grabbing headline immediately captures the full attention of your readers. It speaks directly to your readers, peaks their curiosity, and usually makes a promise to solve a problem that your readers are looking for a solution for or promises to help them achieve a goal.

Why attention grabbing headlines are vital?

1. Your blog is competing with more than 600 million other blogs for the attention of readers so if you don't nail your headline the chances that readers will click on your post are slim to none.

2. Attention-grabbing headlines are good for SEO. When you're trying to get ranked for a specific keyword or phrase, having that keyword or phrase in your headline is important for getting indexed by Google. 

3. Posts that go viral are posts that have attention-grabbing headlines, and I don't know any freelancer who wouldn't want one of her posts to go viral. 

How to write attention grabbing headlines

1. KISS - Keep It Simple and Short

Based on my research on this topic, shorter headlines that are easy for your target audience to understand are the best. Longer headlines may confuse and frustrate the very people you're trying to attract. Look at the headline I chose for this post. It's easy to understand, it's short, and it speaks to a specific audience - freelance bloggers.

2. Hook readers

Skilled fishermen know the value of the right bait to attract fish and get them hooked. Your headline works the same way in the vast sea of 600 million blogs.

But, there's a caution here that needs your attention. If you write a headline to hook your readers you've also got to provide valuable content that fulfills the promise you made in your headline. Ignore this part, and you'll fail.

3. Fills A Need Or Solves A Problem

What need does my headline above fill? It promises freelance bloggers that I'm going to give them some attention-grabbing headlines. If a freelance blogger sees that headline and needs what I'm promising, she's going to click the link and start reading. Of course, I've got to keep the promise made in that headline, don't I?

4. Include your keywords.

SEO is an important part of a freelance bloggers content marketing strategy. Including they keyword or phrase you're trying to rank for in your headline is a key part of your SEO strategy. My research indicates that it's best to include the keyword or phrase you're trying to rank for at the beginning of your headline. 

Attention Grabbing Headlines For Freelance Bloggers

Now we get to the meat. Following are ten attention grabbing headline examples for freelance bloggers

Headline No. 1: Are You Making This Common Mistake With X?


Headline No. 2: The Step-by-Step Guide To X.


  • The Step-by-Step Guide To Succeed As A Freelance Blogger.
  • The Step-by-Step Guide To Start Building An Email List.

Headline No. 3: How To X.


  • How To Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines.
  • How To Become A Freelance Blogger While Still Working At Your Full-Time Job.

Headline No. 4: Did You Know X? (X = an attention-grabbing stat or fact).


  • Did You Know That 95 Percent Of Bloggers Fail To Make Serious Money?
  • Did You Know That Most Freelance Coaches Make Less Than $40,000 Dollars A Year?

Headline No. 5: Wanna Improve Your X? 


Headline No. 6: Who Else Wants X?


  • Who Else Wants To Lose 20 Pounds In The Next 12 Weeks?
  • Who Else Wants To Increase Their Blog Traffic By 200 Percent In The Next 3 Months?

Headline No. 7: Why You're Not Getting X And How To Fix It Now.


  • Why You're Not Getting More Readers To Your Blog And How To Fix It Now.
  • Why Your Blog Sucks And How To Fix It Now.

Headline No. 8: Wanna Know The Secret To X?


  • Wanna Know The Secret To Making A Living From Blogging?
  • Wanna Know The Secret To Writing A Great Blog Post in 1 Hour?

Headline No. 9: **Attention!** Game Changer For Your X.


  • **Attention!** Game Changer for Your Freelance Business.
  • **Attention!** Game Changer for Your Blog.

Headline No. 10: Do You Want X, But Can't Figure Out Y?


  • Do You Want To Start A Blog, But Can't Figure Out What To Blog About?
  • Do You Want To Start Freelancing, But Can't Figure Out What To Do?

Recapping Attention Grabbing Headlines For Freelance Bloggers

  • With more than 600 million blogs worldwide you have got to grab the attention of readers right away.
  • Attention-grabbing headlines are a vital part of your SEO strategy.
  • Viral posts always have an attention-grabbing headline. 
  • Attention-grabbing headlines are short and simple, hook readers, promise to fill a need or solve a problem, and include your keywords.

So, off you go and start writing some attention-grabbing headlines for your blog right now. 

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