Mike Allison is your personal coach to help you build your list.

Mike Allison

Hi! Mike Allison here - author, blogger, online coach. 

To all writers, bloggers, and authors,

Do you know how challenging it is to grow your following so you can reach more people and start having the kind of impact you long to have by means of your writing and blogging?

I help people just like you overcome this challenge. 

Who I work with

I work primarily with writers, bloggers, and authors who are struggling to grow their audience and who are ready to begin to start building their following fast right now. 

How I help you

As your personal coach. I give you the exact formula and words to use to attract more readers and convert them into loyal, raving fans. 

How you will benefit

You may be wondering, "what are the benefits of having Mike Allison as my personal coach?" This is a great question and I'm glad you're thinking about it.

Here are the benefits you'll immediately get with me as your personal coach:

I'll be a partner in your success. ​

With me in your corner, achieving your goals as a writer, blogger, and author will come much faster than simply working on your own. I always have your success and best interest in mind. During our coaching sessions you'll have my complete focus and attention on your success. Our coaching sessions will be all about you and making your goals and dreams a reality.

I see and believe in your potential. 

As your coach, I never focus on your weaknesses and limitations because I'll be too buy focusing on your strengths and helping you achieve higher levels of success than you've already achieved. I'll help you to focus on your vision for your future, and together we'll create a simple, step-by-step plan that will enable you to make that vision a reality. 

I'll help you expand your thinking and look at things from new angles.

I'm going to help you to get a completely fresh perspective on how to approach your writing and blogging and how to attract and grow your audience. I'll do this by asking you really good questions - questions that you've likely never, ever asked yourself. Looking at your situation from a new angle is going to open your eyes and mind to your potential as a writer, blogger, or author.

I'll help you to overcome challenges and obstacles to your success.

You may or may not be aware that most of the challenges and obstacles you're currently facing come from your own self-limiting beliefs. Some of them are also the result of not having an effective formula and plan in place to move you towards achieving your goals. In either case, I'm going to coach you to smash through any and all obstacles. Nothing will get in your way!

I'll hold you accountable to executing your plan and achieving your goals.

This is one of the most valuable aspects of having me as your personal coach. Being held accountable by me to follow through on the commitments you've made to yourself is one of the keys to unlocking the door to your ultimate success. I am going to be your non-judgemental supporter and partner, seeing you along the road to your desired destination as a writer, blogger, or author.


Here are what a few of the people I've worked with have to say about the benefits they've received by working with me.

My entire blogging strategy changed when I started coaching with Mike. I've learned so much from him, and I am grateful to have been blessed with such a great coach and friend. Before I started with Mike, I expected to simply gain some information about blogging. I didn't expect to have so many possibilities opened to me, or that I would have come this far because of his coaching.

Reagan Colbert 
Author of "The Roman Soul" Series

Mike is a positive, upbeat coach who will hold you to your deadlines and to your goals, and do everything possible to help you reach them. He makes himself available in addition to scheduled calls. Mike wants you to succeed. Get him in your corner today if you are ready to succeed online.

Nicole Akers 

Michael is absolutely no doubt one of the most inspirational trainers/coaches I've ever met. What impresses me is not only his terrific training and coaching skills, but also his love and empathy shown to his trainees. It's been a real enjoyment and good learning opportunity for me.​

Nicky Li 
Head of Membership ACCA China

Thanks for taking the time to learn how I can help you. It's an honour to have you here. It's time to take action because that's the only way to move towards achieving your goals and dreams. Not taking action will only leave you stuck where you are now.

I'm looking forward to working together with you. 

Please feel free to email me at: mikeallisoncoaching@gmail.com

To your success! 

Mike Allison