A Goal, A Coffee Mug, and Reality

A Goal, a Coffee Mug, and Reality

Making goals a reality is not as difficult as you think - if you do the right things.

In this post I’m going to share the coffee mug technique to make any goal you’ve set become a reality.

Believe me, this is no joke and it really is that simple.

Here’s my story…

The Goal

You see, back in 1998, while still living in Canada, my wife and I started to learn Mandarin. 

Now, you’ve got to understand that I’m no fan of learning language. Back in the 1970’s when I was a student, French class was mandatory up to the 8th grade, at which time I promptly opted out of learning French anymore.

I'd had enough. 

For me there wasn’t anything much worse than sitting in French class trying to learning the verb conjugations.

So the fact that I’m now fluent in Mandarin is somewhat of a miracle, and a Starbucks coffee mug has a lot to do with helping me make that goal a reality. 

Here’s how that all went.

In October of 2000, at the suggestion and with the help of a friend, we headed off to Taiwan for a 3 months to improve our Mandarin.

We stayed in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan, and we had one-on-one classes at National Cheng Kung University. And I was a disaster.

Making goals a reality

NCKU where we went to improve our Mandarin.

The tutors were university students, and they earned a small amount of money by tutoring foreigners like us Mandarin. I’m pretty sure the tutors I had must of thought I was a complete waste of their time, but hey, they were getting paid for spending 3 hours with me everyday, so what did they care?

But despite my learning deficiency, I loved Taiwan. I thought it was one of the coolest, most interesting places I had ever visited, and the people were extremely friendly and hospitable too.

During that 3 months, my wife also began to really like Taiwan, and so by the time we were ready to return to Canada in early February we had decided we wanted to return as quickly as possible to live and work there and really get immersed in the culture and language.

To make our goal a reality, I did something very simple.

The Coffee Mug Technique

I bought a Taiwan coffee mug from one of the local Starbucks shops. This was so that once we were back in Canada, each and every morning when I would be having my coffee using that mug, I’d be looking at the name TAIWAN in big green letters and the picture of the island on that mug.

That was going to be my daily reminder of our goal to get back to Taiwan as quickly as possible.

Making goals a reality

A mug just like this was my daily reminder to focus me on our goal.

And that’s exactly how I used that mug. Every single morning, as my wife and I would sit at the breakfast table, I’d be enjoying my coffee in my Taiwan coffee mug. And we’d look at that mug and talk about what we were doing next to make the goal of moving to Taiwan a reality.

And in September 2001, guess where we were?

Yep, we were back in Taiwan. And we ended up living and working there for five years. And I’m proud to say that we also became fluent in Mandarin.

And after five years in Taiwan, in November 2006, we headed to mainland China and the city of Guangzhou, where we lived and worked for the next eight years until we moved to Frankfurt Germany in November 2014.

And where I’m not learning German.

That Taiwan coffee mug was a very simple way of keeping us focused and inspired to move towards our goal.

And when you’re completely focused on a goal you’ll quickly realise that, almost as if by magic, everything you need to achieve that goal appears.

The Lesson Learned

So what’s the moral of my story today?

It’s simple.

Whatever goal you have as a writer, a blogger, or an online entrepreneur, you need to have a daily reminder of your goal to embed it deeply in your mind and into your subconscious. In my case, that daily reminder was my Taiwan Starbucks coffee mug.

What’s yours? It could be that you write your goal down 15 times every day.

For instance, if your goal is to achieve a certain level of income from your online business within the next 3 - 6 months, take time every morning to write that goal down as if it were already a reality.

You might write something like this: “I’m running a $100,000 coaching business.”

If you do that every single day, you’re going to find that all of the resources you need to make your goal a reality are going appear, as if by magic.

And before you know it, your goal will be a reality!

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What techniques do you use in order to keep yourself focused on your goals? Have you ever used the coffee mug technique? What goals have you achieved by using similar techniques?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section so others reading this post can benefit.

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