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6 Famous Companies That Know There’s Money In The List

Email marketing is dead!


Email marketing is not dead, and if anybody says that to you, or anyone else for that matter, please correct the misguided and ignorant soul.

Not only is email marketing not dead, it's the simply the most effective method that you can use to market your services and products.

So, if you're a small brick and mortar business owner, a freelancer, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a writer, or an elephant trainer, and you want to sell your services or products, you absolutely must get on to email marketing.

'Cause if you don't, you're going nowhere really fast!

The numbers don't lie!

The statistics in the table below tell the story. The number of email users worldwide is growing at a 3 percent clip each year, from 2.586 billion in 2015 to more than 2.9 billion by 2019. 

"Email use continues to see strong use in the business world, as well as among consumers. The amount of consumer email continues to grow mainly due to its use for notifications (e.g. for online sales) rather than simply as an interpersonal communication tool." (Source)

I trust that you took note of the section of the quote above that I highlighted with bold orange text. 

As consumers purchase more and more of their services and products online, they are naturally providing email addresses to the companies they are purchasing from. 

And in turn, those companies are using email marketing to sell more products and services to those same people, and they're doing it over and over again.

And this is not a trend that has come and will go. It's here to stay!

6 famous companies that know there's money in the list

NFL Shop uses email marketing. Below is the signup page so you can receive their emails and mobile updates.

I signed up simply to test it out, and below is the welcome email I received. I get 10 percent off of my next order just for signing up for their email updates. 

So now that I'm on their list, I'm going to watch to see how they do their email marketing, e.g, I'm particularly interested in seeing the frequency with which they email me, as well as what types of strategies and techniques they use to influence me to buy something. 

Next up is women's fashion chain Tory Burch. You'll notice in the screen shot below that you're encouraged to subscribe to the company newsletter. The site uses a pop-up form to get your attention and ask you to subscribe. 

Pier 1 imports' CTA (Call to action) in all caps tells you to "GET ON IT! Get Email, Get Offers, Get 10% Off Your Next Purchase," and asks you to SIGN UP NOW for their emails. Once they've got yours, you know they're going to be marketing to you on a regular basis.

Here's American Express' form where cardholders can sign up to get the latest Cardmember information. Among other things, it states, "You will also receive updates on our special offers, unique events and exclusive Cardmember promotions."

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, certainly wants you on their email list, although I must say that their CTA is certainly not as prominent as many other companies. I suppose that's because Walmart is still a massive brick and mortar retailer. Still, the company sees the value of getting you to sign up so you can "be the first to save!"


Here's the email alerts sign up form on the CVS Health website. They're happy to send you updates about the company and below this form you can also choose the topics you'd like to receive updates about.  

5 reasons email marketing is good for you

Here are 5 reasons that email marketing is good for you, whether you're a freelancer, a blogger, a small brick and mortar business, a service provider, or a shark trainer.

Reason #1: You own it. Your list is yours to keep, nourish and care for like a baby. No one can take your list from you, and no one can interfere with your list.

The same can't be said for social media. You do not own your Youtube channel, your Facebook pages, or your Twitter accounts. They're all owned by the companies that provide those services. 

And you could suffer the loss of all of your connections if one of those companies decides, for some unknown, mysterious reason, that you have crossed one of their boundaries. 

Or one of those companies makes some change to their policies regarding what kinds of information and pages/posts get preference, and before you know it nobody can find your stuff.

But your email list is like a very valuable piece of real estate. It's yours and no one can take it away.

Reason #2: Email allows you to build a relationship with your audience to gradually help build up their trust in you.

People like to deal with and purchase from someone they can trust. As you regularly communicate with your subscribers and you provide them with information that's of value to them, they're going to actually begin looking forward to receiving your emails.

So be sure that when you do email your audience, you provide them with valuable information that they can act on in order for them to be more successful.

Reason #3:Email is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool you have. You can sign up for an account with any of the email service providers for a reasonable monthly fee, quickly and easily have things configured the way you want, and you're off to the races. 

And anyone can use email as a powerful marketing, relationship, and trust-building tool. And I mean anyone. 

Your mother-in-law, your grandparents, your uncle Harold, anyone. Age or social standing isn't a factor. As long as you've got a computer and can type reasonably well, you can market anything you want with email. 

Reason #4: It's a load of fun and really cool. There's something really inspiring about being able to sit down in front of your computer screen and put together an attention-grabbing headline, and then creating some engaging and valuable content that is going to appeal to your audience, pressing the send button and watching the results.

I love it!

Reason #5: Email is so versatile. Not only can you market through your emails, but you can also use it to teach and train your audience by creating an email course and then sending it out it in bite-sized chunks for the benefit of anyone on your list. 

Because you know about the needs of your audience, you can create email courses that address and solve the problems and challenges they're facing and that they would like some help with. 

And because you address those needs and problems and help them to solve them, they trust and value you. What could be better than that?

Get started with your email marketing campaign today

​What are you going to do now that you've read this article that I took the time and put so much effort into writing for your benefit?

For starters, it would be good for you to use the comments section at the bottom of this page to let me know what you like about email marketing, how you're using it, and what you find most challenging about building your email list.

Your viewpoints are valuable to me and if I can be of any help to you, that's why I'm here. ​

And reserve your spot for my List Building Training Webinar on June 17th. I'm going to be teaching 5 simple strategies to help you ignite your list building.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the webinar. 

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