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5 of the Best Content Marketing and List Building Articles for This Week.

Here are 5 of the best content marketing and list building articles for this week starting September 19th, 2016.

#1: Does Your Homepage Suck?

This is actually not an article, but a podcast on the Rainmaker.FM station. Rainmaker.FM is one of the Brian Clark entities, which includes Copyblogger, Rainmaker, Studio Press, and who knows what else....but these guys put out some of the best information, much of it FREE, for people like you and I.

Here are a few details on this episode, which I highly recommend you listen to with a cup of glass of your favourite beverage.  

If you are trying to create an exclusive community online for your product or service, then this episode will give you everything you need to make a first impression that matters.

"In this episode, Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick go into detail about how to structure the perfect homepage including:

  • Why the first three seconds matters and what you need to show immediately
  • How to go beyond audience targeting with messaging that makes a difference
  • Why testimonials are crucial and how to obtain them
  • The most important element of the homepage that you must include"

Check it out here: Does Your Homepage Suck?

#2: Blogging Your Way to a More Powerful Brand

This is a great post coming to us from the Duct Tape Marketing site. This one was written by Anna Fox and she covers 7 points to help you build your brand through blogging. They include: 

  • Build bigger, better content​
  • Get social (the better way)
  • Brand through color
  • Build your own assets
  • Spread your authority
  • Monitor your brand effectively
  • Get that editorial calendar in order

So you know the drill, right? Increase your knowledge and start applying some of Anna's tips and you'll be blogging your way to a more powerful brand real quick. 

#3: Say Cheese for These 7 Free Stock-Photo Sites

In this article by Itai Sadan, which I found over at CMI you'll be helped to appreciate why you need great photos/visuals in your posts and pages. Here's some statistics: 

Research shows that:

7 free stock-photo sites

This photo courtesy of Alejandro Escamilla and downloaded from Unsplash.com.

​Check out the entire article here: CLICK!

#4: 4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes Live

​I really benefited from this post which I found over at the Problogger site. It was a guest post written by Bill Achola of Billachola.com and it provided 4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes Live...thus the title of the post. 

Bill starts out with some reminiscing about about " those days when I thought writing a blog post was enough. 

I would invest all my efforts on choosing the right topic, writing a quality blog post, making it smart, funny, and engaging, adding interesting pictures, carefully crafting an eye-catching format, and choosing the right time to post.

I would weigh all my options, do all the hard work, hit ‘publish’, and then wait for the traffic to pour in.

It didn’t.

It wasn’t until I had wasted a considerable amount of effort that I realised that effectively promoting a blog post is as important as, if not more so, than writing quality content."

This is simply a great post with 4 fantastic suggestions that I'm going to try myself and I think you might like to try them too. ​

#5: ​16 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Get More Email Subscribers in Less than 5 Minutes

If you were going to implement all 16 of these strategies, assuming that you aren't already using some of them, you're definitely going to need more than 5 minutes. But hey, we all know that hyperbole in headlines works...so who am I to be critical?

This is a great post, which I found over on optinmonster.com. It was written by Kevin J. Duncan and because I went to so much trouble to not only find this post for you but I read the whole thing too - it's really long - you should read it too and then I'll know that it was worth my while finding it for you. 

Actually, it was worth my valuable time finding it for me. So, whether you read it or not won't matter, except that I'll have implemented the suggestions and therefore my list building efforts will surpass yours. 

That's it for this weeks best content marketing and list building articles. I usually have 6 but this week you'll need to live with these 5. But they're really good ones, as usual.

So have an awesome week, keep on creating great content an building your list. And please use the social share buttons on the left side here to share this article as well as leave a comment below here.

And remember, you're awesome, but I'm awesomer! (Just kidding) Cheers!​

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