You have a great product.

It solves a problem your ideal clients are yearning to know about to improve their quality of life, grow their businesses, help their customers, and make more money.

And you've worked hard developing your product.

You've spent hours, days, weeks, and months slaving away to create and perfect it.

Everything's ready.

Your website's ready to go.

Your product's ready to go.

You've got an advertising budget.

Now's the time to start!

Or is it?

You press that start button, and?


Sales are trickling in like a half-dried stream in the middle of a desert.

But they need this product.

They want this product.

Your market research was flawless.

Everyone who saw what your product does loved it and wanted it.

But now barely anything's happening.There's no action, Jackson. (Who the heck is Jackson?) No idea.

Anyway, back to my main point.

It's not selling.

What's the problem?

It's your copy. It sucks.

And why?

Because you blew your budget on your website and advertising campaigns, but you left the copywriting on your website to your 14-year-old nephew.

You thought you'd save a little money on copywriting and give your nephew a chance to hone his writing chops.

The problem is, he writes copy like you paint masterpieces.

Not very well.

And as the 'ole saying goes, "you get what you pay for," or in your case, "you got what you paid for," which was poor quality sales copy.

The Best Copy Is Relevant

Copy must address the challenges and problems that are important to your audience, the issues they're facing now.

Relevant copy also speaks the "language" your audience speaks. 

Does your copy reflect the language and address the questions people in your target market use to describe their situations?

That kind of relevance means spending a significant amount of time involved in research. 

Did you know that professional copywriters spend most of their time doing research, and not writing?

And it also requires empathy, the ability to put yourself into the situation your prospects and customers are in and to understand their feelings and thinking.  

And that's likely an area where your 14-year-old, pimply-faced nephew, didn't measure up. 

The Best Copy Is Hypnotic 

Compelling copy is fascinating and hypnotic. 

It magnetically draws in your readers.

The best copywriters use several techniques, one of the best being storytelling.  

Pro copywriters know how to write powerfully moving stories to describe the problems and challenges your target audience faces, as well as the goals they want to achieve. 

They paint vivid word pictures that engage the imagination and emotions of your prospects and customers to move them to buy your products. 

Stories and vivid word pictures are just two of the tools professional copywriters use to write compelling copy. I'll address some of the other tools and techniques in another post.

It's probably safe to say your brothers's 14-year-old son wasn't the best choice for telling emotionally moving stories or painting vivid word pictures to persuade prospects to buy your products.

compelling copy magnetically draws in your readers

The Best Copy Is Clear

No fancy, schmancy language!

You don't need it.

No industry jargon.

You don't need it.  

Relevant, compelling copy is clear.

Readers can understand it because it's written simply, the way they talk and express themselves. 

Not like Bill, your genius-level colleague who writes all of the technical manuals for your products. 

I'll say it again, the best copywriting is clear, readable copywriting.

And there's lots of white space to make reading as easy to do as possible.

People still read, but you've got to make it as easy for them to do as possible. 

And that's why, to sum up, the 3 essential copywriting features to skyrocket your sales are:

1. Your copy must be relevant.

2. Your copy must be compelling.

3. Your copy must be clear. 

Get those right and see your sales skyrocket. 

mike allison

Thank you for reading this post. I'm Mike Allison and I would love to help you with your copywriting project. 

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I would love to help you with your copywriting project. Simply fill out the form below now and click "Send Message" now. 

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