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3 Reasons Why Your Content Sucks And How To Fix It Right Now!

why your content sucks

Have you created content that sucks? You can fix it.

You've spent hours and hours writing content for your blog or website and you're completely frustrated and on the verge of burnout. You're pretty much ready to throw in the proverbial towel. 

You've very little traffic and no one is interested in signing up for your updates, your newsletter, whatever.

And you're not alone. Your situation is being experienced by millions of other individuals who've spent hours and hours writing content with the hope of getting some followers and then selling them stuff.

So what' s the problem?

Your content sucks! Big time!

But here's the first thing you need to understand the answer to, and it's....

Why Your Content Sucks

Reason #1:​ It sounds like you're writing a diary.

Nobody wants to read content that sounds like you've just sat down at the end of the day and started out by writing, "Dear Diary," today was blah, blah, blah!. 

Yikes! That sucks!

Unless what you're writing in your diary is the most salacious stuff anyone could possibly imagine, which would then attract hundreds of millions of readers and immediately turn you into a blogging superstar, you need to stop spewing the diaristic diarrhea. 

"But what should I do?," you ask. 

You need to find your writing voice. And that requires a little forethought.

find your writing voice

Find your writing voice and you're content will start to shine!

What some great techniques for finding your writing voice? Yeah? I thought so. Well here's 2 sources that I'm confident will help you right now!

The first is from the blog of Jeff Goins:  

10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice​

​And the second one is from the team over at Rainmaker Digital and is one of their awesome Rainmaker.fm podcasts. 

Four Safe Ways to Find Your Writing Voice (and One Dangerous One)​   

You absolutely, positively must brush up on your writing style, or your voice.

You see, you may have been led to believe that writing a blog is an easy task. It's not. It requires work, training, learning, writing and re-writing, and experimenting, until you find what is really working for you and what is going to attract people to your site and keep them coming back for more. 

So get to work, because right now your content sucks. And no one wants to read your boring diary entries. But be grateful, because you can fix this problem. 

Reason #2: You're not thinking like an obsessive, maniacal madman or madwoman - minus the axe in hand - about the audience you're writing for.

think about your audience

Start thinking about your audience.

I'm exaggerating a bit here, but it's for effect, so please indulge me. 

You've got to really start obsessing, really thinking and pondering and meditating, on who you're writing for and how you're trying to help them.

Think like an obsessive crazy person about the following questions:

Why did I create my blog? What is it's purpose? What is my purpose in life? Who, specifically, do I want to work with and help? And what are that person's specific problems, challenges, dreams, desires, needs?

If I were in that person's shoes, how would I be feeling right now? What problems would I need solved in order to make my life better, right now?

​So let's consider a very realistic example to help you understand what I'm trying to get across to you, is that okay?

Imagine your blog is about Great Muffin Recipes and Baking Tips for New Moms. Wow! That could be a great website idea, couldn't it? (Dear Diary, today I had a great idea for a new website and niche)

I digress. Please be patient.

Now, what challenges is a new mom who is coming to your site facing right now?

Because she's a new mom, she could very well be feeling overwhelmed with all of the work involved in caring for a baby​, so her time for baking, which is obviously something she likes to do or she wouldn't be on your site, is limited. 

So what does she need? A recipe for muffins that is going to be quick and easy to put together and bake. Imagine her making those muffins while her new baby is napping. She wants to get everything done before the kid wakes up and starts wailing again.

How about something like "Ten-Minute Muffin Recipes That'll Make Your Family Beg for More."

So quick, easy, convenient is the key here. That's the type of recipe she wants.

Of course, the resulting muffins have got to be good too, or you'll lose your audience real fast. And then you won't be reading articles like this one about Why Your Content Sucks, but you'll be reading articles like Why Your Muffins Suck!​

You definitely don't want that!

What about including on your site some practical advice on taking care of baby?

On a muffin and baking tips site, you ask?

Why not? Your site is for new moms and just because your main focus is muffin recipes and baking tips, since new moms are coming to the site why not provide them with a little extra bonus information on Tips On Caring for Baby.

You see what's happening. You've created a site with a very specific person in mind and given her exactly what she was looking for - a great muffin recipe and some baking tips for a new mom.

And you can add extra value by giving her additional stuff that she really needs but wasn't expecting to find on your site.

But now that she's also found that additional, helpful information, she's even happier and she's going to tell other people about your awesome site and that's going to drive even more traffic to grow your audience.

So start obsessing like a maniac about who you want to help, why you want to help them, and what their challenges are that you can help them with right now.

Reason #3: You're not reading or writing every single day of the year.

write everyday to improve your writing

Write something, anything, everyday of the year.

This is one of the key reasons that your content sucks. And it's also one of the easiest to fix. 

"But I don't have the time to read and write every day. I'm just way too busy." 

I say 'bollocks' to that and I'm not even British, but I've been waiting for an opportunity to use the term and it just presented itself. Yeah!

You do have time to read and write every day! And if you're still saying to yourself that you don't, then I'll give you a piece of sage advice: leave this site right now, and forget forever about ever changing your content that sucks into content that attracts and inspires people and creates in them a desire to follow and learn from you.

You have got to educate yourself about what goes into creating great content if you're going to become a Content Igniter.

But educating yourself is only half of the equation. Because no matter how much knowledge you have about what creates great content that doesn't suck, if you don't practice what you've learned then all of that knowledge in that amazing brain of yours is useless.

That's why combined with reading other great blogs and educating yourself about what makes and how to create awesomely engaging content and raving fans to drive your online business growth, you've also got to write every single day of the year.

The more you write, the better your writing skills will become and the better your content will become.

It's that plain and simple!  ​

Sure, you're likely going to find that you can't write as awesomely as I can every single day. (haha! Just joking!)

Some days everything you write will seem like crap, and that's because some days it will be crap.

But keep at it. Because the more you write, the more you're going to find that your writing comes easier to you, your voice will come out, you'll naturally write awesomely engaging and practical content that your readers want and need and your readership will grow.

And if you want some great blogs to read in order to improve your writing skills, here are a few of my very favorites:

There you have it! 3 reasons why your content sucks and how to fix it right now! So get to it! 

Oh yeah! Please remember to share your thoughts, your challenges, your dreams and desires, what you want, and even your favourite muffin recipe if you want to, in the comments section. I really want to hear from you and get your feedback!​

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