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Create Great Content For Your Online Bodybuilding Supplement Store

content creation is the key to a successful online bodybuilding supplement store.

So you’re a newbie entrepreneur, and you’ve chosen to set up an online store to sell bodybuilding supplements.


You’ve got your domain name, you’ve invested in hosting for your site, and you’ve even got your site set up with a great logo.

Your payment system is in place, and now you’re preparing the onsite set up for the brands and products you’re going to sell online.

You’re excited, inspired, and can hardly wait to make that first sale.


But wait!

Besides selling the bodybuilding supplements you personally love so much, what are you going to do in order to create loyal customers and keep people coming back again and again to your site?

content creation is the key to a successful online bodybuilding supplement store.

You've got to have an edge on your competition if you want your online bodybuilding supplement store to thrive.

I’m assuming that you’ve given that some thought. After all, that seems to be an obvious question to have considered as part of your business plan.

Your answers may include making the browsing and purchasing experience on your site as easy and convenient as possible.

Offering fast delivery, as well as an easy and convenient return policy.

And without a doubt, great prices is another important factor.

So, if you've got the browsing and purchasing experience nailed down to make it as consumer friendly, convenient, easy, and affordable as possible, you’ve got it aced.


Perhaps not!

And now you’re thinking to yourself, “perhaps not?” What else could there be to consider?

The answer may surprise you, if you haven’t given this some thought.

Before I share the answer with you, please consider the following.

Your Most Amazing Purchasing Experience

I would like you to think about a time when you visited a retail establishment to buy something - what the product was isn’t important - and you felt as if the buying experience you had there was simply out of this world.

From the time you entered the store to look for and purchase the item you were after, until you left the store with that item, you felt as if you were the most important person in the world.

In fact, your experience was so amazing, that afterward, whenever you heard of anyone who was in the market for that same type of product, you immediately shared your experience with him or her and strongly recommended he or she go to that particular store and even ask for that specific sales person to help with the purchase.

So, now that you’ve got that memory conjured up, what was it, specifically, that made your experience so special?

I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with the price.

I’m also pretty sure it wasn’t simply the ease and convenience of choosing, paying for, and carrying the product out of the store.

I’m also pretty sure it wasn’t because of the no-hassle, no-questions asked return and refunding policy.

Nope, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t only those things, although they’re important too, that made your experience so amazing.

What I am fairly certain of is this: likely, the reason you had such an amazing customer experience was because the sales person focused on you as an individual.

The sales person cared about your needs, not just your wants, and took the time to clearly understand what your needs were.

And I’m quite certain that the sales person took time to teach and educate you about your options, helping you navigate the alternatives available to you within each brand and their range or products.

The sales person was not simply friendly, but was also an expert on the product you were interested in buying.

And he or she took the time necessary to help you make the best buying decision for you, and not for her or himself.

And if you, like me, have had that type of purchasing experience in a brick and mortar store, then you know exactly what I mean.

And here’s how it relates to this article.

Your most memorable and amazing purchasing experience was such because the sales person took enough time to provide you with truly valuable information.

It was helpful and practical information that taught you what you needed to know to make the best decision for you.

That teaching took time, and it was completely free of charge. And it also may have been somewhat unexpected on your part. Nevertheless, it added a lot of value to your purchasing experience and was well worth the time.

So, when you think about it, the ease of buying the product, the convenient, easy return and refund policy, and even the price, may all have taken second, third, and fourth place to the valuable information and insights that the sales person provided for your benefit.

And that comes back to the answer to our question.

Besides providing your customers with an easy and convenient browsing and purchasing experience, fast delivery or an easy return and refund policy, if you want to differentiate your bodybuilding supplement site from thousands or millions of others, you also need to provide them with great content.

What, exactly, do I mean by great content?

What Great Content Is

The sales person that helped to create that amazing purchasing experience for you - the one you’ve told so many other people about - was doing something that the very best online bodybuilding supplement stores have been doing for years.

Providing you with valuable information completely FREE of charge.

Information that was practical, applicable to your needs, and helped you to make the best decision possible about your purchase.

Educational information.

And great content for your online bodybuilding supplement store is and does exactly the same thing.

Great content is engaging information that educates your online bodybuilding supplement store’s first-time visitors, as well as new and old customers, not just about the supplements.

Great content is powerful!

Build a brand by building a long-term relationship with your customer.

That goes without saying.

But great content on your site needs to go much further.

Great content for your online bodybuilding supplement store should also include information, advice, and tips on the following subjects:

  • Working out.
  • Fitness and workout plans.
  • Dieting and diet plans.
  • Bodybuilding lifestyle.
  • Competitive bodybuilding.
  • Other competitive activities related to health and fitness.
  • Cross-training.
  • Latest scientific studies and research on supplements an diet. 
  • Real-life stories of people who've achieved great health, fitness, and bodybuilding goals.

I’m sure we could make this list much longer, but for the sake of keeping this article to a reasonable length, I’m sure that you get the idea.

The content you create for your online store can take various forms, such as:

  • Articles and blog posts.
  • Videos.
  • Podcasts.
  • Interviews with people who are living the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle.
  • Before and after photos of people who've achieved inspiring results. 

Now, I know you’re thinking that seems like an awful lot of work when your initial goal was to simply sell bodybuilding supplements online.

So here’s the answer to...

Why you need to create great content for your online bodybuilding supplement store

The reasons you need to use content marketing could make a long list. 

But to boil it down, plainly and simply, having valuable FREE content on your site is the best way for you to market, connect with, and engage the people whom are going to visit your site.

creating value is the key to success!

Create and provide valuable content for your audience and you create loyal customers.

And when you create a connection with your site’s visitors, and keep them engaged, you’ll be building likability, trust, and respect with those visitors.

And people who like, trust, and respect you will come back again and again to purchase from you. In short, they’ll become your loyal customers.

If you’d like proof of what I’m talking about here, consider the website. is one of the most popular sites on the Internet for people looking to purchase supplements.

The site receives more than a million visitors daily and in 2013 the sites total revenue was estimated to be $420 million. 

That ain't chump change, as they say. ​

When you visit that site, you’ll notice how they use content marketing to provide a ton of free, but super valuable information, to connect with, teach, and engage their site visitors and customers.

The amount and quality of the free information on is amazing.

It’s no wonder that the site's tagline is:

“Welcome To the World's #1 Online Fitness Website and Supplement Store!”

The world's #1 online fitness website and supplement store was built on great FREE content.

Simply put, there is no other website that even comes close to for not just the quantity, but the quality of FREE content provided.

And what does all of that free content do?

It provides an incredible amount of value to the people who visit the site regularly.

It allows the site's owners as well as the site's visitors and members to engage with each other. ​

And an engaged audience is a happy and loyal audience.

Engaging with your audience by providing them with valuable free content also builds trust. 

And an audience that trust you will also purchase your products and services. ​

That's why's supplement business has grown to what it is today. It's an outstanding example of creating great content and then using it as a powerful marketing tool to sell supplement. 

A lot of supplements!​

All that valuable, free information is what has helped grow from a startup in 1999 to the extremely successful online business it is today.  

Is your online bodybuilding supplement store going to become as popular as 

Well, those would be big shoes to fill, to say the least.

​Nevertheless, you can see why creating valuable, practical content is so important to your online success. 

Creating great content will help you to connect with people, engage them, build trust with them, and turn them into loyal customers.

​And that's why you need to create great content for your online bodybuilding supplement store. 

You may need help​ getting started on the road to online success. No worries!

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