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What Would Donald Trump Say About Your Content Creation?

What can you learn from Donald Trump about creating content ?

The question "What would Donald Trump say about your content creation" is an interesting angle to look at the subject from, isn't it?

Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Donald Trump gets people talking. 

And not just because of the comb over.

He's brought a number of highly polarising topics to the forefront, and got everyone's attention and got people talking.​

Of course, many people feel he goes way too far with some of the things he says and does.

Others rally around him because they like the fact that he's willing to say what a lot of other people, even a lot of other politicians, would like to say but don't have the cajones for because they're afraid. 

What would Donald Trump say about your content creation?

Your fired!? Hopefully not.

Nevertheless, although this is a completely politically neutral site, and is not an endorsement for the Trumpster, here are  things you can learn from The Donald about creating awesomely engaging content and raving fans. ​

Trump is an Igniter

DT knows how to ignite a crowd, a debate, an entire nation. You gotta have a spark if you're going to ignite a fire and The Donald is as sparky as they come. 

For an example of how fired up people get about DT, see this article "Jindal: Trump is a madman who must be stopped:" ​

​Regardless of how you view his ideas and opinions, he definitely knows how to ignite a subject and get people fired up and fully engaged in the discussion. 

That's what great content should do too.

Creating awesomely engaging content means that you need to be willing to really let it all hang out there in the open, just flapping in the wind. (That's quite a visual, ain't it?)

​With the micro attention spans that people have nowadays, you'd better be sure that your content grabs readers by the throat, shakes them up, and draws them into your world so deeply that they just can't help but want more. 

Otherwise you may as well pack it all in and go home. Or if you are at home, pack it all in and go to bed.

Trump is opinionated​

DT is never wanting for an opinion. Just ask him and he'll tell you straight up what his opinion is of any person or any subject.

And there's no concern for political correctness. He simply expresses his opinion and doesn't seem to give two hoots about what anyone thinks.

Good or bad, you asked for it and now you've got his opinion.

Great content igniters are not afraid to express their opinions about things, even if doing so results in some backlash.

I'm not suggesting you go out of your way to offend people's sensitivities to simply bait readers to click or join your email list. Not at all.

But if you have an opinion that goes against what many people feel is conventional wisdom and you have evidence to support it, you should be willing to put it out there and let the chips fall where they may.

Great content has to stand out from just the ordinary, and one of the ways to accomplish that, to really create engaging content, is to give people an opportunity to look at a subject from a perspective they've never considered before.

Awesomely engaging content has to take a stand for something. It needs to be opinionated! 

Trump is unfiltered

​As I've already mentioned, "there's no concern for political correctness." What you get from The Donald is pure and unfiltered.

What does that mean for creating engaging content for your readers?

It means writing in your natural, unfiltered voice.  

Finding your voice is a critical part of content creation.

You've gotta create a connection between yourself and the people you're writing for, the people who are gonna come to your site and read your stuff.

That means being, at least to a major extent, unfiltered.

Think about what we view people who are always super careful about how they say things, who are always trying to find just the right words when they're conversing with you, or answering a question you've asked, or trying to give you some feedback.

I know that I'll often say to a person like that, "You'd make a great politician."

Get my point?

Most politicians are completely filtered. They're not saying what they're really thinking. So the voice you hear when they're speaking is not their real voice.

A great takeaway from Mr. Trump and for your content creation is to throw away the filter. 

Use your own voice when writing your content and people will feel connected with you because you're being real. 

Trump has bad hair and he doesn't care

​How many jokes have you heard about Donald Trump' s hair over the years?

Does he care? He sure doesn't seem to and has even admitted that his hair is odd looking.

When Rosie O'Donnell made ​fun of Trump's hair on The View, he simply didn't care. His response was to tear her to pieces.

Trump's hair is one of his signatures, it's like a special Trump trademark. He could have changed his hair years ago, he certainly has enough money to have any style of hair he wants.

But if he changed his hair now, what would the public think? How would people feel? It would likely be a pretty odd thing to see him with "normal" hair.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump doesn't care what people think about his hair and in fact it has been talking point for years. And that's all that he cares about. That people are talking about him.

So, how does that relate to your content?

What's unique, and perhaps somewhat odd about your content and or the services and products you're offering to your readers?

Are you a little quirky? That can be a good thing. It can become a part of your trademark or your branding.

So don't let some negative feedback about what you're doing, selling, or writing get you off point.

If you're getting a reaction from people because of your content, or your quirkiness, or because in some other way your unique or different, that can be a very positive aspect of you and your content to play with and promote. ​

If you're getting a reaction, even if some people are making fun of you, it means that they're engaged with you and what you've got to say or share with them.

And that's a good thing.

So, what would Donald Trump say about your content creation?​

​Hopefully not "You're fired!"

But you can learn a lot from The Donald about creating content that ignites, is opinionated, unfiltered​, and very unique, even, at times, in a quirky kind of way.

A lot of people relate to Donald Trump. He has his own tribe. And he definitely stands out from the rest of the individuals he's currently running against.

So take some lessons from Trumpster. He's a master promoter and marketer. He's created a very well known brand. And love him or hate him, he attracts eyeballs and gets people engaged.

That's what great content creation should do too!​

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