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The Content Igniter’s Manifesto

Creating Great Content Is a Selfless Acitivity

I create content. 

And I believe creating content - the best content I'm capable of creating - is and should always be a selfless act. 

Selfless means: "​concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish."

Currently, I am a team of one.

Or so it seems.

To a lot of people

Knowing I am creating content by myself

May seem like a lonely task.​

But not to me.

Because I'm not really doing this on my own even though as I write this I'm writing it alone.

You see, I'm inspired by those who've done what I'm doing right now.

People who've also realised that creating content - the best content they're capable of creating - is and should always be a selfless act.

I call those kinds of people Content Igniters.

An igniter is a person who arouses or inflames emotions or a situation.

A content igniter is a person who creates content that does that.

Content igniters arouse the emotions in others.

Content igniters inflame a situation.

Content igniters get others thinking.

Content igniters create change.

Content igniters inspire  others with their words, their pictures, their videos, their podcasts, and their infographics.

Content igniters share their knowledge with the very simple goal of helping others to do better and succeed.

​And that's a selfless act.


And here's the funny thing about that.

When you share your knowledge selflessly in order to inspire and help others, you eventually realise that you're no longer alone.

You're no longer a team of one.​

Because when you freely create content to inspire and help people, people want to be a part of what you're doing. 

People become engaged.

People become motivated in the right direction and for the right reasons.

Those people also want to help and inspire others.

And they then become content igniters too.

And many of them will become part of your tribe. 

When you have a tribe, you're not alone.

You're tribe will encourage and inspire you, perhaps even more than you ever encouraged and inspired them.

And your tribe will keep you motivated in the right direction.

To keep you doing what you're doing as an act of selflessness.  

So you can continue to arouse the emotions in others and inflame a situation.

Through your content. ​

So, I'll keep creating content - the very best content I'm capable of creating.

And I'll do it selflessly to share my knowledge for the betterment of myself and others.

Because I'm a Content Igniter! ​

And you?

What about you?

What will you do?

It would be great if you joined me and became part of my tribe.

Become a Content Igniter too!

And together let's inspire, motivate, and help others.

So, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below.

And please do share this Content Igniter's Manifesto to inspire as many other people as possible. 

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