Freelancing Yourself to Work Flexibility and Personal Freedom

Freelancing Yourself To Work Flexibility and Personal Freedom

I just had to write this blog post today, because over the past 3 or 4 days I haven't been able to stop thinking about two things.

The first is how many people are chained to their jobs, often in huge, soulless corporations, where the number one concern is making enough profits to satisfy the shareholders. 

The second thing is how grateful I am to not be chained to a job that I don't care about, nor working for the soulless corporation where the number one concern is making more and more money for shareholders. 

Now, for those of you reading this who don't know me, I made a choice many, many years ago, along with my wife, to never, ever, work at a full-time job. And both of us have never, ever, worked at full-time jobs.

For 28 years, we've only ever worked part-time, and for many of those years we've worked for ourselves in various kinds of businesses. 

And during these 28 years, do you know what kind of life we've had?

How about this: we've lived in the Caribbean (1992 to 1994), Taiwan (2001 to 2006, Mainland China (2006 to 2014), and currently we live in Frankfurt, Germany.

By the way, both of us are from Canada.

Clearly, working part-time during our entire 28 years of married life hasn't resulted in our missing out on any of the adventures that a lot of people working full-time can only dream about and wish they could embark on.

It's because we're not slaves to a big corporation, or a position/job that requires our blood, sweat, and tears. 

So, here's a question to think about. Why don't more people do what we've done and choose to work for themselves while working less?

Actually, the answer to that questions is that more and more people are choosing to do what we chose to do those 28 years earlier.

In fact, freelancing, or "gigging" as some people like to call it is becoming ever more popular. It's even becoming popular among the younger generations.

For instance, more and more millennials are opting for careers as freelancers.​

And the reasons why are noteworthy. 

1) They want more flexibility.

2) They want purposeful work.

3) They want more economic security.

​Current data indicate that more than 60% of millennials leave their company in less than three years. 

One of the main reasons they leave is​ because millennials have a strong desire to make a significant social impact through their work. 

Evidently, many millennials are finding that working in a large corporation is not the best way for them to create the kind of impact they desire, and that really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has worked in, or with a large corporation. 

It's also interesting to note that the third reason millennials are opting for freelancing is for economic security.

I'm pretty sure that a majority of you reading this find that to be a paradox. How can freelancing possibly provide more economic security?​

Well, at the beginning of this post I referred to the fact that my wife and I have never worked in a large company, nor have we worked full-time.

We've worked for ourselves, and I can assure you that, although we're not millionaires - not even close - we've never lacked anything.

As I've already explained, we've had more adventure in our life than most people. And we've done all of that while either running our own small businesses and/or freelancing.

We've had the freedom and flexibility ​to earn as much or as little as we wanted, to work when and where we wanted, and to experience an extremely rich and satisfying life filled with amazing experiences that money can never buy. 

If one, or both of us, had been shackled into a position in the corporate world, we absolutely could never have lived the life we have, nor continue to live now.

And one of the big challenges is, that once you've started climbing the corporate ladder, it can be very difficult to get off, even if you strongly desire to do so.

That's not to say it can't be done, because I know many individuals who've gotten out of the corporate life, and are extremely happy that they've done so; the ones I know have no regrets that they went freelance, and they're doing very well for themselves.

It's just that a lot of people who are working at their "secure" jobs (quotation marks are mine, are intentional, and indicate sarcasm) fear what would happen if they left and set out on their own. 

Many of these individuals don't know how or where to start on the path to freelancing freedom.

Well, I know both the how and where to start. Of course, this will depend on each individuals current situation, but I'm on a mission to help people just like you to get yourself on the road to a much freer, flexible lifestyle by means of freelancing. 

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