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Don’t Get Eaten By The Content Beast – 4 Weapons To Slay It!

The content marketing beast !

You must and can slay the content beast!

You know that nightmare we've all had where you're being chased by a monster and you're trying to run as fast as humanly possible but you just can't get away? 

And you can start to feel the beast's breath on the back of your neck and you know that it's only a matter of seconds before you're chomped up and swallowed?

And finally, just as you're demise is imminent, you're startled awake, in a cold sweat, your heart beating so hard it feels like its going to explode out of your chest. 

And when you realise it's all simply a bad dream, a huge wave of relief washes over you, and eventually you fall back into blissful sleep. Or not.

A lot of people, at times myself included, feel like I'm in the middle of a nightmare being chased by the content beast. 

It's as if you're efforts to stay in front of your content creation aren't working. It's chasing you every day and night and no matter how fast you try to go to stay in front of that beast, you can feel it breathing down your neck and about to chomp you up and swallow you. 

Please don't go screaming out of the room at this point, because there are ways to end the recurring nightmare. 

There's real hope!

4 Of The Most Powerful Weapons For Slaying The Content Beast

Instead of running away from that ugly thing chasing you, what if you could turn around, face it head on, and with a few well-designed weapons in hand, stab the big, green, ugly beast right in the heart, slaying it forever?

That would be awesome, wouldn't it? Certainly a lot preferable than continuing to be the helpless victim running for your life. 

There are weapons that can help you do just that, and in this post I'm going to share the best ones that I personally use, with you. 

As you read on, please note that some of these weapons are software tools/and or platforms that you'll need to spend some time practicing with to become skilled at using. while some of these weapons are techniques that may require a slight change in your mindset in order to use effectively. 

But regardless of the type of weapon, they all work super well and will enable you to kill the content beast once and for all.

Let's get started. And to do that we're going to look at some techniques you should be using as you create awesomely engaging content that drives your online business growth. 

​Weapon #1: Laser-like focus on your niche and demographic

laser-like focus on our niche

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

​If you're really going to conquer the content creation and marketing beast, you've got to have laser-like focus on your niche and demographic within that niche.

This means y​ou've got to concentrate on a specific market and a specific group of individuals in that market. 

Read the following headline and determine the market and the niche demographic within that market.

"Easy recipes for pregnant women with swollen feet and who are suffering from morning sickness.

I personally can't relate to the above example of a niche focused headline, but I think you get the point. 

The market is the cooking/recipe market. And the niche demographic is pregnant women. But not just any pregnant women. These pregnant women have swollen feet and suffer from morning sickness.​

Focused means narrowed, and in the case of slaying the content marketing beast, the more narrowly focused you are, at least in the beginning, the better off you'll be in your battle with the beast. 

For those of you who've ever taken photographs with a camera, you'll appreciate the following analogy. ​

You don't want the broad, landscape type photograph, you want the macro, close up photograph. Just like of the flower below.

Narrowing your market niche

Really focus in on your market niche by narrowing your demographic.

Remember, weapon #1 is laser-like focus on a niche and a specific demographic in that niche!

Weapon #2: Laser-like focus on just one or two distribution methods.

​If you're going to kill the beast, you've got to be able to handle a sword, javelin, mace, axe, hammer, bow and arrows, and all at the same time. Right?

And oh, I forgot the pepper spray. Ha!

Absolutely not!

There's no possible way that anyone trying to slay the big, bad, ugly creature could even carry so many weapons at one time, let alone handle them all effectively.

Yet, that's what so many individuals who are new to content marketing are attempting to do. What do I mean?

If you listen to the gurus, they'll tell you that you need to be using Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Reddit, Tumbler, and the list goes on, and that you should be using all of these platforms to distribute your content. 

Forget about it!

Remember that these gurus have been in this game for years, and they have huge teams of people working for them behind the scenes to create and distribute their content using each of these weapons (platforms for distribution).

They're not doing this on their own. 

But if you're just starting out, or at least relatively new to this, unless you've already made a lot of money previously and can afford to hire people to work with and for you, you've got to begin by focusing on just one or two weapons (platforms) of choice for distribution.

Social media to conquer the content monster

Choose a couple of social media platforms to focus on first.

​Because trying to carry and effectively use too many weapons at one time will have you getting chewed up real quick. 

You'll be far more effective if you decide which two platforms you're going to begin with, and then focusing on developing your skills using those platforms to begin getting your content out in the public domain, noticed, and begin building an audience. ​

Once you've developed your skills at using a couple of these platforms and are seeing positive results, then is the time to start using other platforms to effectively spread out. ​

Remember, weapon #2 is laser-like focus on one to two distribution platforms for your content, e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Weapon #3: Laser-like focus on creating the content. 

Beware of that beast, because one of the tactics it'll use to try to eat you up is distraction!

It'll try to distract you by sweeping it's frightfully powerful tail, or by spewing a torrent of fire from its nostrils , or baring it's terrifyingly massive, sharp teeth and claws. 

And remember to watch out for the blood curdling roar. 

​Each of those actions is designed to cause you to lose focus on your target, which is the beast's heart. 

The heart of your marketing is your content, and if you're going to be successful you've got to focus in on creating great content on a regular basis.

But, if you're not careful, there are a lot of things that can distract you from the task of creating content, whether that be writing a blog post, making a video or podcast, designing an infographic, or doing some needed research on a subject.

I know that you know the  types of things that can easily distract you from focusing on the heart of your marketing. I know you know because the same things that can distract you are likely many of the same things that can distract me too. ​

Things like email, text messages, television programmes, content marketing articles that you decide to read instead of getting down to creating your own content, your spouse, the kids (if you're a parent), the list can be potentially endless.

​I'm by no means suggesting you ignore your spouse and/or the kids, or anyone else for that matter. (Although I'm sure there's at least one person in your life whom you'd like to ignore). 

I do mean that you've got to have a set time and a specific place, if at all possible, for when and where you get down to the heart of the matter, which is creating your content.

When that time comes around and you're in your place, all of the other things that could distract you should be turned off, shut out, or out of the house. (Kids in school, the spouse off to work or the gym or napping). You get the point. 

Laser-like focus on creating content.

Remember, weapon #3 is laser-like focus on creating the content.​

Weapon #4: The Best Content Building Tool - Period!

We've almost got everything we need to have for slaying the content beast. 


There's at least one more tool that is absolutely vital to help us finish of that ugly thing. 

It's the content building platform that we're going to use to build and display our content on once we have it completed and ready to share with the world. 

​As you may know, the most popular content management system (CMS), by far, is WordPress, with 76+ million websites/blogs using the system. 

WordPress has made it very easy for anyone to create a site and start publishing content.

Nevertheless, you're still going to need a tool to make your content creation as simple as possible, increase your productivity, improve the quality of your design, and increase the bottom line of your online business. 

What I'm talking about is a content building system that really is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). 

That means that you're editing right on the actual page that is going to be published, which is what I'm doing right now as I write this sentence and as I've written this entire post. 

That content builder is the Thrive Content Builder. It's simply the best content building tool on the market. Feel free to check it out right now, or if you prefer to continue reading, that's fine too.

Better WordPress Content

With the Thrive Content Builder,  I don't need to switch back and forth between an editing screen and the actual webpage in order to see what the changes I've made will look like.

I don't need to drag around abstract little boxes that only represent my layout and my columns. 

And I'm not looking at a user interface (UI) that's cluttered with labels, borders, outlines, buttons and extra white space. 

With the Thrive Content Building system I'm using right now, the page I'm editing here looks exactly like the page you're looking at right now, because it is the exact page that I edited and that you're looking at right now. 

So, with this content building system, I don't need to load a preview in a new tab and switch back and forth between my editor and the preview.

This is so incredibly simple and that's why this weapon #4 is the very best content building tool - period! 

There's nothing like it, it really is that amazing. 

The content building tool I'm using also contains some of the best, most badass and most business-focused features you'll find anywhere, but that are vital if you want to conquer the content marketing monster. 

This is just a partial list of some of the things you can do with the Thrive Content Builder I'm using.

  • Add conversion boosting buttons and calls to action.
  • Use the testimonial element to add social proof.
  • Reveal your call to action at the right time.
  • Create attention-grabbing content boxes.
  • Add customisable, responsive pricing tables.
  • Place a countdown timer and evergreen countdown timer on your page.
  • Have responsive, retina-ready font icons for your content.
  • Easily add a "click to tweet" box anywhere in your post to get more socials shares.
  • Add fully responsive videos with just one click.
  • Enhance long posts with an automatic table of contents.
  • Create beautiful custom posts and content grids.
  • Build your list with a lead generation element.

The Thrive Content Builder also comes with ten impressively designed WordPress-ready themes you can choose from that will make your blog look as attractive and professional as any on the Internet today.

I recommend you try it out for yourself and not just take my word for it. I'm confident you're going to realise that this is one of the key weapons you're going to need to conquer the content monster. 


The 4 weapons that are going to help you successfully conquer the content beast are: 

1. Laser-like focus on a niche and specific demographic within that niche.

2. Laser-like focus on just a couple of distribution platforms to begin with.

3. Laser-like focus on creating your content.

4. Using the Thrive Content Builder, the best content building tool - period! 

What's your opinion? Please add your comments in the comments section below to let me know what your favourite tools and tricks are for conquering the content beast. I really want to hear from you. And please do share this using the social sharing buttons on the left-hand side of this page. 

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