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9 Ways To Stop Your Blogging From Changing Like The Weather In Melbourne

If there's one thing I've learned from living in Frankfurt, it's how unpredictable the weather can be and how inconsistent weather forecasters can be in their accuracy. 

Of course, Frankfurters are not alone when it comes to coping with rapidly changing weather conditions. 

Just the other day my wife and I met a couple of tourists from Melbourne, Australia. In the course of conversation, they mentioned that Melbourne is famous for it's completely unpredictable weather. 

That was a fact about Melbourne that was new to me. Obviously, based on the photo above that I've used in this post, Melbourne is well known for the extreme unpredictability of its weather. 

This entire subject of unpredictable weather got me thinking about blogging, and hence the title of this post 9 ways to stop your blogging from changing like the weather in Melbourne.

If that's a fitting description of your blogging consistency; if it's like the changing weather, that is, unpredictable, then here are...

9 ways to stop your blogging from changing like the weather in Melbourne

1) Don't eat the whole elephant! How would you eat an elephant? One small piece at-a-time, right? You certainly wouldn't attempt to eat an entire elephant in one sitting. 

Likewise with your blogging. To make your blogging consistent, instead of unpredictable like the weather, do a little writing each day. Remember, you don't have to publish a new post every single day. 

In fact, over at Copyblogger, there's a great post, "A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content per Week."

The main point of that article, which I know you're going to read, is that one piece of epic content per week can attract attention, establish your authority​, and encourage people to share your information, and in the end, is a much better long-term strategy that writing shorter posts every single day. 

I'd encourage you to give this some serious thought, and remember, don't eat the whole elephant; well not all at once, anyway!

2) The weather doesn't schedule itself. You've never received an email, or a letter in your ancient and outdated physical mailbox, that contains a schedule sent by "mother nature" clearly outlining the weather for the next 3 months or 6 months. 

On the other hand, you have the ability to write out a blogging schedule. So, why not use 15 minutes of your valuable time, right after you finish reading, commenting on, and sharing this blog post, and write down a schedule for your blogging for the next 4 weeks. 

Of course, if you've already done that and you find that you're not sticking to your schedule, then that's where number 3 comes in...

3) Start early. You know how the saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm." (Like, who wants worms anyway?) But the point is well-taken and well made. If you really want to get this blogging thing done successfully and consistently, then do some writing each and every morning. 

Get out of bed 15 or 30 minutes earlier than you normally would and put pen to paper, or nowadays, finger to keyboard.

If you get it done first thing in the morning, even if it's only one piece of the epic blog post you're preparing for the week (see number 1 again about "not eating the whole elephant in one sitting), getting it done first thing in the morning gives you the entire rest of the day to do whatever else needs to be done, whether related to your blog or otherwise.

Once it's done early, it's done; and you're going to feel so awesome that you've got it done!

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4) Another method to stop your blogging from changing like the weather is to collaborate with another blogger, working on blog post ideas together.

Is there another person you've connected with through Facebook, or Linkedin, or Twitter, who would be willing to work together with you on creating epic blog posts?

Creating a partnership like this could be an incredibly productive way of getting your blogging done each week. If two heads are better than one, then certainly two bloggers should be better than one, and it would certainly lighten up the blogging load. 

5)  Do a blogging marathon. This is the complete opposite of number 1, and is for the few of us who may actually prefer to get the entire week's, or even month's, blogging posts done in one, long blogging focus session. 

This works great for some people. They work like mad for an entire day or two, getting all of their blog posts done for the week or even two weeks, and then they drip them out over that time period. 

Then they do another blogging marathon a couple of weeks later, and again drip their posts out over the next couple of weeks. 

This doesn't won't work for everyone, but if it works for you, then have at it! Give it a shot and see what happens. It just may be the solution you've been looking for to keep your blogging consistent.

6) Record your posts. Do you spend a lot of time outside of your blogging environment, perhaps riding public transportation to and from work? Then why not carry around a hand-held voice recorder and speak your posts into it while you're away from your computer. 

With a method like this, you may actually be able to significantly increase your blogging productivity while using time you might otherwise simply waste by sitting around on a train, bus, or plane. 

Once your recording's done, you simply need to schedule time to transcribe it onto the written page. Great idea, isn't it!​

7) Outsource some of your blog posts. If you know someone else who's a great writer, and you have the budget to play with, you could pay that individual to ghost write blog posts for you from time-to-time, or even create a regular schedule where that person writes 1 or 2 posts every month for your blog. 

8) Curate content. Content curation ​is becoming more and more popular. In fact, there are entire websites that have built massive followings and have done it all by means of curated content. 

If you're not sure what content curation is, check out  The Definitive Guide to Content Curation​. In that article, among other things, you'll find this definition of content curation: 

"Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organises, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market."​

Learn about content curation, check out some of the WordPress plugins that are available to help make the task much easier, and then give it a try yourself.

It's a great way to make your blogging more consistent and, when done correctly, will also enhance your authority and the quality of your blog or website. 

9) Use blogging ideas prompts. One of the reasons so many bloggers are inconsistent with creating content is because they have a difficult time to regularly come up with good and relevant topics for their readers. 

That can be a problem for anyone - even the most experienced writers can get writers block. If you're having trouble coming up with fresh ideas for content, then it's time to take a break from sitting in front of your screen and change your environment.

Go for a walk, listen to some inspiring music, dance around your writing space, stand on your head, do pushups, go have a really hot shower, or a really cold shower.

The point is that in order to be creative, you've got to do something different to get your brain's creative juices flowing and prompt ideas. Exercise is a great blogging prompter. 

Another thing that helps is to do a Google search for blog post ideas. You'll find lots of sites that provide you with some super ideas you can immediately put to use on your blog to create fresh and relevant content for your readers.  

And finally, in order to come up with great ideas for fresh, relevant content for your readers, you need to do a lot of reading yourself. 

Read other blogs, read what's in the news, read about what's popular on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. If you read and are observant and aware of what's going on around you, you'll have lots of great fertilizer to nourish and grow great ideas for your blog's content. 

Read, observe, and be aware of the things going on around you. There is nothing that will help you to be more creative.

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So now it's your turn to actually get working on your next blog post or posts. You've got 9 ways to stop your blogging from changing like the weather in Melbourne. So get to it!

And by the way, if you found this post helpful to you, even if you only got one new idea from this post, please don't just keep it to yourself. Use the social share buttons on the left of the page and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

I'd also love to hear your thoughts and ideas , that help you to be consistent in creating content, so feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this page. 

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