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3 Content Marketing Sites Every Noob Needs To Know About

This post on the 3 content marketing sites every noob needs to know about is for people just like you - rookies, newbies, noobs - whatever term you want to use.


That's simple.

You want to become an expert in content marketing.

You want to learn how to create awesomely engaging content, attract raving fans, and drive you online business growth.

Problem is, you don't know where to start, right? Right!

No worries, because you're not the first, and you won't be the last person in the situation you're in right now. 

I've been where you are right now - that is - starting out on the content marketing path, but not knowing what and how to do it right.

How to become a content marketing expert​

become a content marketing expert

You can become a content marketing expert. One of the keys is to learn from other experts.

If you want to become an expert in anything, you'd be wise to begin your journey by first finding the uncontested experts in your chosen field of endeavour and learn from them.

And the beauty of the Internet is that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can tap into the knowledge and experience of experts on any topic. 

That includes the area of content marketing and learning how to create engaging content that is going to attract followers and eventually turn them into repeat customers.

So without any further delay, let me introduce you to, in my opinion and in no particular order...

3 content marketing sites every noob needs to know about

#1 Copyblogger​

Imagine starting a multi-million dollar business without ever using any paid advertising. How would you like that challenge?


Well, you're not alone, but Brian Clark just may be, in the sense of being truly unique, not in the sense of having no friends and being a lonely guy.

brian clark copyblogger

Brian Clark and his team have built Copyblogger into a multi-million dollar business without using paid advertising. The secret? Creating and sharing great content - for FREE!

Because in 2006 he started Copyblogger on his own, has never paid for any advertising, and his company has become one of the best known and authoritative sites in the world for learning how to write great content and attract loyal fans.

So what is the secret to Copyblogger's success? 

And why should you use it as a go-to, content marketing for noobs source, for learning everything you can about creating engaging content that attracts readers and turns them into loyal fans?

John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, said this:

​The secret to Copyblogger’s success is that they write better headlines. That’s it, pretty simple, right? They write headlines (blog post titles) that are irresistible and can’t be skimmed in your RSS reader. Their titles feature words, phases and emotions that reach out and demand your attention.

Of course, there's a little more to it than simply writing a great headline. 

That's because if the headline is great and attracts readers, but your content sucks​, your sunk. 

So, not only does the Copyblogger team know how to write great headlines, but they also provide great, practical content that is directly related to their headlines and addresses the needs of their readers. 

And that creates readers who come back again and again for more and more of the awesome content provided on the Copyblogger site. 

In short, they have gained the trust and and loyalty of their audience

And I know, because I use Copyblogger every single day to educate myself by means of the great content they provide, completely free of charge, to anyone who wants to learn everything there is to know about content marketing.

And you should be using it too.​

#2 Content Marketing Institute​

The Content Marketing Institute's mission is to advance the practice of content marketing.​

And the site is simply an incredible resource for anyone from a noob right up to a CEO.

But as this article is for noobs, you may want to head over to CMI's Getting Started page.

There you'll find practical and actionable information to get you started on the road to creating awesomely engaging content, attracting raving fans and driving your online business growth as a content marketer. 

I love the site and use it regularly. They literally have something for everyone and I'm confident it will become one of your go-to learning resources and for developing your skills as a content marketer. ​

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of CMI and one of the world's foremost content marketing experts and evangelisers.

When you're on the site, you'll notice the menu bar contains 11 categories, one of which is TOPICS. ​

Under topics you'll find 10 sub-categories, one of which is Building Your Audience.

​Select that and you'll find a treasure trove of useful information on the subject that you can immediately use.  

That's just one example of how to use the site and get the most out of it for yourself. ​

#3 Goins, Writer

Writers don't write to get published. They write for the love of writing.

The quote above is from Jeff Goin's Writer's Manifesto. 

Never heard of Jeff Goins? 

Never heard of his Writer's Manifesto? 

Then go to goinswriter.com right now, sign up to get on Jeff's email list, and then download his FREE ebook "The Writer's Manifesto." 

3 content marketing sites every noob needs to know about

Goins, Writer, by Jeff Goins, is another great site for learning how to write better and create content that attracts readers.

I highly suggest you do this right now. 

Because a good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow. 

If you're planning to create content and use content marketing, then you've got to start writing. 

Unless you plan to outsource all of your writing, in which case none of your content will really be you.

That's okay, of course. Who am I to judge?​

For me personally, I love writing and I want most of the content on my site to be based on my feelings, opinions, viewpoints.​ 

So I write.

And you can write too. At the very least, you can definitely learn how to write better than you may be writing now.

3 content marketing sites every noob needs to know about

That's it. 3 of the very best sites on the Internet today to help you learn how to become a content marketing expert.

Or at the least, help you to improve your writing skills.

3 content marketing sites every noob needs to know about

Writers write. So start writing today.

So what are you waiting for? You've got some reading and learning and writing to do, so get to it.

And please remember to share the love using the social sharing buttons on the left.

All the best to you and have a great week!​

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